10 Tips When Using a Juicer

A diet is considered healthy if it includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. One may argue the fact that some fruits or vegetables are delicious to eat however they can be very good when used as juice.

A juicer works to extract the juice out of fruits and vegetables, in order to create a healthy delicious drink. Therefore understanding the pros of a juicer, the types of juicers and how to clean a juicer increases one’s ability to eat healthily. The following summary shows tips of using a juicer effectively and efficiently.

  1. Tilting the location of the juicer

The location of the juicer cannot be tilted and is to be placed firmly so that it cannot loose phenomenon. The juicer should be placed on a flat and dry surface such as counter tops. Avoid moving any component of the juicer during usage. Never place the juicer on top of another appliance.

  1. Component filter prop checking

Before using the juice machine it is in order to check the props and the filter if it is firmly installed this is to ensure your safety while using the juicer. Never use the juicer if it has a damaged filter as this can be very hazardous, however, you should otherwise get it checked and repaired.

  1. Cutting food or fruit size

Food or fruit before the juice should be cut into the size of the juicer inlet block and the into the juicer. Preparing food or fruit is the very important tip of juicing. Wash all the fruit and vegetables well before juicing.

Peeling vegetables and fruits that have thick skin such as pineapples lemons and citrus. There is no need of peeling vegetables that have thin skin but a light scrub would be enough to remove any dirt. The fruits should be cut according to the juicer inlet block to avoid any clogging.

An important tip is to juice the freshest fruit and vegetables to get the most juice from them and best flavors.

  1. Checking power status

Before you start using the juicer plug the power to ensure that it is present. Do not put fruits into the juicer before confirming the status of power. This is because if there is no power and you had already chopped the fruits or vegetables and the power fails to return for a long period, they may go to waste. This results in wastage of resources.

  1. Checks before actual processing of food

Ensuring the motor is running is of great importance and is one of the most important tips while using the juicer. It is advisable not to add any fruit to the juicer until the motor is confirmed to be working and is in good condition. This is because even though the power may be present when the motor is not running any juicing can take place. This is more likely to result in wastage of already prepared chunk of fruits or vegetables

  1. Speed during food processing/juicing

Place the food into the cup body to maintain uniform speed. Uniform speed is very important for safety purposes too fast speed of the juicer can be very injurious. It is advisable especially when using blenders to start the motor at very low speeds and as the chunks become smaller and smaller you can slowly raise the speeds to the maximum.

  1. Completion of food processing

When you have finished processing your food carefully ensure that you unplug power first before touching anything. This is for safety reasons as one can experience an electric shock which can cause injury. Also turn off the juicer when not in use or during assembly. Always place the juicer at a safe place especially for children.

  1. Cleaning components of the juicer

Carefully clean the juice inside and outside the various components but to avoid the flow into the motor and avoid using any abrasive materials in cleaning the juicer.

Examples of abrasive materials could be sharp objects or metal brush. However, using a damp cloth is more advisable. Do not dip the motor base in any liquid. This is because this being the electrical part of the juicer short-circuiting can occur when the water gets into the wire and the juicer is connected to power

  1. Storing the juicer

The juicer should be placed in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. This will increase the lifespan of the juicer while maintaining its aesthetic look. Direct sunlight causes the colors of the juicer to fade while degrading the quality of the material used in making the juicer.

  1. Other tips

For maximum results, it is advisable to juice the softer fruits and food first then the hard fruits and vegetables later.

This is because soft fruits are easy and fast to juice. This helps you save the time needed for the juicing of the hard fruits. This is advantageous as the already prepared juice from soft fruits can be served as you wait for the rest. Also, soft fruits keep the blade of the juicer sharp as compared to hard fruits which are more challenging to juice.

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