7 Best Container For Storing Fresh Juice – Guide and Review

Making your juice can have lots of significant benefits. Aside from being excellent refreshment and being a better and sweeter option to industrial juices, self-made juices present numerous health benefits.

Sometimes you will need to make your juices before time because of the many commitments we may have on a daily basis.

Work, travel, etc. may force you to make your juices earlier and as such you will need to store them until they are ready to be consumed.

The review below gives you what you need to know and the best container for storing fresh juice.

Top 3 Best Container For Storing Fresh Juice (Comparison)

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1. Epica 18 Oz Glass Beverage Bottle Set (6 Pieces)

The set of Epica 18 Oz glass beverage bottles offers you classic style. These bottles are designed to fit your life. The compact design of these bottles made them too easy to fit your life. You can place it in a cup holder easily which makes your life easier. And the airtight leak-proof caps of the bottles always provide you fresh juice. The cap of the bottle is made with stainless steel and lined with O-ring rubber. So, Oxygen can’t break down the enzymes.

This bottle set is made with high-quality eco-friendly glass. These air-tight bottles look gorgeous on your table. You can also keep them in your fridge without any kind of hesitation. Additionally, these bottles are dishwasher friendly and offer easy cleaning. Whenever you need to clean them, just put them into your dishwasher nicely and they’re all set for using again. The extra-wide mouth made this possible.

These bottles are really good and keep you healthy by providing your fresh homemade juice, always. These bottles are lead-free so you don’t need to worry about your health. You can also carry these bottles anywhere whenever you want. The durability of the bottle let you carry it easily, even in a hard situation. These bottles fit any lunch bag or cup holder easily. Each bottle has 18 Oz holding capacity.

  • Classic design, ready to fit your life
  • Durable and healthy, ready to go everywhere with you
  • Dishwasher safe, offer easy cleaning because of extra-wide mouth
  • Leak-proof stainless steel cap with O-ring rubber
  • Lead-free glass constructed eco-friendly bottles
  • Prone to breakage as they are made of glass
  • Can’t be used for large scale of juicing with a single bottle

2. Brieftons 18 Oz Juice Beverage Container

These bottles are made from top quality material and have a superior design. They are made from thick soda lime glass which is BPA and phthalates free.

They are ideal for storing juice, water, coffee, tea, sauces, and fermented drinks and can fit nicely in refrigerators due to their slim design.

They are also made with air-tight leak-proof caps that are made of stainless steel.They are safe to use since they are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

They are odor free and chemical free meaning they don’t have any odors and toxins leaking into your drink which is very unsafe.

These bottles are ideally used as juice containers, fermentation jars or beverage jugs for everyday use with a nicely slim fit design that helps you store nicely in your freezer.

  • Made from top quality soda lime glass
  • Fit nicely into the refrigerator
  • Can store hot and cold beverages
  • Eco- friendly alternative to plastic
  • Odor free and chemical free
  • Can easily break since they are made of glass.
  • They are clear, and the contents can be seen easily by anyone.

3. Chef’s Bottles for Beverages and Juicer Use

The Chef’s glass bottles are not your usual everyday bottles. They are made taking into consideration the logistics of storing juice and beverages.

To begin with, unlike many juice storage bottles, these bottles aren’t made of cheap plastic which usually leaks toxins and chemicals into your drink.

These are high-quality premium bottles that are made of glass and very easy to store in a refrigerator or freezer.

These bottles are made with BPA free glass which means as mentioned earlier; you don’t have chemicals or toxins leaking into your drink or beverage.

They have an extra wide neck which makes it easy to fill.These bottles make storing of your fresh juices very easy since they are slim and have a design that fits nicely into the refrigerator, you could call it a refrigerator friendly size.

Lastly, the caps for the bottles are stainless steel which gives the bottles a longer life span, better since the stainless steel is leak resistant and has a loop that makes it convenient and easy to carry every day.

  • Made of high-quality glass, no leaks no toxins.
  • Design made to fit easily in refrigerator.
  • Stainless steel caps, last longer, and safe health wise.
  • Have a loop that makes it convenient to carry around.
  • Prone to breakage since they are made of glass.
  • They are clear, so someone will easily see what’s inside.

4. Hiware 50 Oz Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Lid

The Hiware 50 Oz glass carafe is simply a beautiful carafe with stainless steel flip-top lid. This outstanding carafe is made from borosilicate glass and able to withstand temperature 0 to 300℉. So, you can pour boiled water into this without any kind of hesitation. Additionally, it’s also dishwater safe. But hand-washing is recommended for this glass pitcher.

This container comes with a great design and quality; a real masterpiece. This is a HAND-CRAFTED glass carafe that increases the beauty of your collection. The minimalist design of the container made it very beautiful and it’s a great option to use for both daily and festivity use. You can also serve beverages and wine besides juice.

This Hiware glass carafe is lead-free. So, this bottle is 100% friendly to your body. The carafe offers a simple style and comes with a solid construction. And the functional pouring lip of the carafe ensures the contents end up in your glass. Additionally, this one features drip-free spill proof bottle pourer that opens automatically. It’s a useful feature that helps you to avoid ice cube splashing down or fridge aftertaste into the tumbler. A silicone bottom lid, a round stainless top cover and a stainless stem hold this item together so that you can be worry-free, always.

  • Made from borosilicate glass, able to withstand in high temperature
  • Hand-crafted glass carafe with great design and quality
  • Comes with drip-free spill proof bottle pourer
  • Lead-free container, 100% safe
  • Dishwater safe
  • Made with glass, can be broken easily
  • Can’t be used for large scale of juicing

5. Hiware 68 Ounces Glass Pitcher with Lid and Spout

The Hiware 68 Oz glass container with lid and spout is large enough to use freely every day as well as serving the people in parties. Though this glass pitcher has large holding capacity, it is only 9.5-inches high with the lid. So, you can put the entire jar into your fridge. It also offers 3.5-inch extra wide mouth. You can add liquid and fruits into the container easily because of the wide mouth. It also makes the cleaning process easy.

This outstanding glass pitcher is made from borosilicate glass and can withstand temperature 0 to 300℉. So, you can also pour boiled water or ice into this. Additionally, it’s also dishwater safe. This pitcher is thicker than others but provides extra durability. The ergonomically designed handle and specially designed non-dripping spout made this easy to pour and hold.

This jar is dishwater safe, but hand wash is recommended as it’s made of glass. This glass jar is really beautiful and can be used broadly for different serving purposes besides juice. Such as, you can serve water, milk, wine, iced tea, hot tea, beverages, cold brew coffee, cocktail, sangria etc. Besides, you can also gift it to your beloved people as it has an elegant and trendy look.

  • This pitcher is made from borosilicate glass, can withstand in high temperature
  • Offer large holding capacity and extra-wide mouth
  • Dishwater safe and easy to clean
  • Can be used for multi-purposes
  • No choice of different colors
  • Made with glass, can be broken easily

6. Clear Bottles Set for Juice, Smoothies, Beverage Storage

This clear glass water bottle set from All About Juicing comes with 6 glass pitchers. So, you can store different item into a different pitcher at the same time. these pitchers are not only for serving juice but also they are suitable for serving a lot more items, such as infused water, summer lemonade, cold brew coffee, iced tea, nut milk, milk, smoothies and delicious sauces. These jars also offer airtight service so you get leak-free freshness every time.

These pitchers have wide mouth for filling anything into these easily. Wide mouth also allows super easy to clean features and a pure natural drinking experience. These bottles are also come with chemical-free purity; that means no toxins, no lead or no BPA. These bottles are 100% safe to your body and eco-friendly. These bottles are durable, reusable and recyclable. Additionally, these extra-thick pitchers provide you better service. They are simple, but beautiful and user-friendly.

On the other hand, these pitchers have high-quality and they are dishwater safe. You don’t need any bottle brush to clean them. Just wash the caps by hand. These bottles come in a set and you can use it for different items. Each bottle has 16 Oz holding capacity. And using some same pitchers increase the look of your kitchen.

  • High-quality jar and dishwater safe
  • Extra-thick eco-friendly glass pitcher
  • Chemical-free purity (Lead, toxin and BPA free)
  • Lead-free container, 100% safe
  • Offers airtight leak-proof service and wide mouth
  • Not suitable for hot items;
  • Can’t be used for large scale of juicing

7. Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher

This Bormioli Rocco hermetic seal glass pitcher is constructed with thick glass. This pitcher is 100% lead-free and recyclable product. You can serve other items such as beverages besides serving juice. This pitcher is durable and you can use this for a long time. The jar is dishwater safe and comes with a wide mouth. So, you can wash the pitcher very easily.

The pitcher has a large scale of holding capacity. It can hold up to 68 Oz or 2 liters. Simply, it’s a great glass jar to store liquid foods. The wide mouth built-in pour spout and an integrated strong handle made this jar very simple but classy. Though this glass pitcher has large holding capacity, it’s compact. So, you can put the entire jar into your fridge

This pitcher also offers leak-proof lid that keep the contents of the pitcher safe. And more importantly, this jar is BPA-free, so it’s friendly to your body. This is a great choice because of its simple design and fits with every table.

  • 100% lead-free and recyclable product
  • Offers wide mouth, built-in pour spout and integrated strong handle
  • Dishwater safe, very easy to clean
  • Large holding capacity of 68 Oz
  • Offers leak-proof lid, BPA-free pitcher
  • Can’t be used with hot water
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Factors To Consider : Best Juice Containers

You need to know what to look out for when you are buying a juice container so that you don’t end up making a blind decision. These are some of the factors to look at when buying a container for storing juice.

The Material Making Up

The Bottle you store lots of different materials in your bottle some hot some cold and then the bottle itself may be put in some extreme conditions like the refrigerator.

Some materials like plastic leak chemicals or toxins into your drink and are thus not very safe.

The glass is considered the best material for making this kind of bottles because first they are accommodating of most drinks and can weather any conditions.

The Lid

The lid is another factor that is very important to consider when finding a bottle. First, the lid needs to be air tight and water tight to ensure that the contents of your bottle don’t spill out of your bottle remain in your bottle.

It also needs to be one that doesn’t leak dangerous chemicals and toxins into the drink. The lid has to be rust free so that it doesn’t preset health problems.

Handle Or Loop

Many times when you put whatever liquid in bottles it’s because you would like to carry it around. Maybe out for a journey or going to work or school maybe.

In this case, the bottle needs to meet the necessary criteria for a good carry bottle.

If you carry your bottle, then you will need it to have a handle or a hoop both of which have to be ergonomic so that they don’t hurt your hands or fingers.


A lot of factors can affect the size of you may need for your bottle. For example, how long are you going to be away or is it just for a short period.

Again how much beverage would you like to carry?

If it’s quite a lot, then you might consider getting a bigger size bottle as compared to a smaller size bottle which would be okay if you are not looking to carry too much liquid or stay for too long.

Size Of The Mouth

The size of your bottle’s mouth is to be also determined by your circumstances. For example, if you are to use the bottle in a moving vehicle then a huge mouth bottle could cause you a really big mess.

But if you are going to use the bottles just to store the beverage say in a refrigerator then a big mouth bottle would work nicely.

So it is good to know the size of the mouth of the bottle, so you buy one that corresponds with your circumstances.

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Final Verdict

We use bottles for hundreds of reasons, to carry liquids when traveling, to carry beverages to work, to store juice and so forth.

It is good to find the bottle that serves your purposes perfectly and meets most if not all the criteria for a good bottle.

This article informs you about what to look out for in a bottle and gives you a list of the best. The choice is now yours.

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