Juicing for Weight Loss Recipe

Juicing for Weight Loss Recipe: Maintain Fitness with Juicing

One of the trendy ways to maintain fitness is juicing. Juicing for weight loss recipes offers a realist option! A myriad number of people who have long grappled with the challenges posed by excess weight having a billion dollar questions cringing into their minds with no answers on how to […]

Detoxifying Juice Recipe

Detoxifying Juice Recipe: Spinach Apple Carrot Juice

Fresh Spinach Apple Carrot Juice is quite gratifying, good flavored and palatable. It is famous for its detoxifying qualities as it cleanses the blood and get rid of the toxins that are accumulated in the body cells thus essential for regeneration and re construction of the body .It equally rich […]

Best Juice Fast Recipes

Best Juice Fast Recipes: Easy Way to Maintain Good Health

The best and the easiest way to maintain good health, look young and vibrant, lose excess weight and ensure a prolonged existence (life longevity) is nothing but juice fasting. It revitalize and provides healing to the body besides facilitating the rid of toxins. A glass of juice will perform wonders […]

mushroom juice

Add Mushrooms to Juices and Smoothies…WHAT?

Mushrooms in juices and smoothies? An odd idea – yes – but hear me out and I think you’ll agree! Now I often suggest weird ingredients, BUT the recipe always tastes great! This is no exception.Truth is mushrooms are packed with tremendous nutrition and I add the common ‘button’ shroom […]

Juice Recipe for High Blood Pressure

Best Juice & Smoothie Recipe for High Blood Pressure

Brief IntroEach time your heart beats – 60 to 70 times per minute – it pumps blood throughout your system within the walls of your arteries. Our blood pressure is lowest when we sleep or are at rest, and highest during our waking hours. It can rise for any number […]

Long Life Juice

Long Life Juice & Smoothie Recipe!

The Antioxidant ConnectionUnstable oxygen molecules make us get older! The antioxidants in our colorful veggies and fruits counteract this and other aging factorsWhich ones have the highest amount of antioxidants? Blueberries, strawberries, acai berries, beets and tomatoes. Plus you get a bonus! They’re also packed with compounds that fight cancer, […]