Apple Juice Recipes

Apple Juice Recipes to Fight Breast and Lung Cancer

Apple’s Ancient PastThe apple is most famously found in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, but it’s archaeological past dates back to 2000 BCE and the Stone Age Middle East. Apples are believed to have originated in the Kazakhstan region where wild apple forests still exist today. The apple […]

Delicious Juices Recipe High in Vitamin B2

Delicious Juices Recipe High in Vitamin B2

What’s the Big Deal About B2?Vitamin B2, otherwise referred to as riboflavin, is a water soluble vitamin that is quickly rinsed from our bodies and so we must eat fruits and vegetables that supply it on a daily basis!Riboflavin has many distinct and essential uses for our systems. It acts […]

Best Juice for Skin Complexion

Best Juice for Skin Complexion – Juice Away Dry Skin!

Most of us experience dry skin at some point, especially those of us who live in cold and dry winter climates. You can heal it naturally without messy creams or prescription drugs with special fruits and vegetables! That’s right! Nutritional research has discovered that certain nutrients do wonders to fight […]

Ugly Juice

Delicious Ugly Juice & Smoothie Recipe

The latest newcomer to the exotic fruits section of my local supermarket, I’d never heard of ‘uniq’ fruit or it’s real name ‘ugli!’ But what a treat! It’s like a tangerine only juicier and sweeter! And wait ’til you taste this recipe!A Little HistoryThe ugli fruit, pronounced ‘OOgli’ is also […]

Mangosteen Juice Recipe

Mangosteen Juice Recipe for Amazing Antioxidants

Brief HistoryNative to Southeast Asia where it’s traditionally used to heal wounds and treat diarrhea and dysentery, mangosteens are in no way related to the mango! They’re about the size of an orange, and for thousands of years have been part of Chinese medicine. Both the plant and seed of […]