You’ll Be Surprised By These Foods You Should Never Eat Raw!

This Will Surprise You!

So I'm surfing the internet on the lookout for a little entertainment when suddenly something knocks me off my chair!

Raw food people talking about raw foods you shouldn't eat! Hold onto your chair! I know what you're thinking, "I thought all raw food is good, no not just good, but really good!"

Not so!

To make matters more intriguing, these people are the top in their field - the pioneers of raw, the folks who know a heck of a lot about healthy food! These are people whose bodies have become so healthy and sensitive, they know better than science what's good and what's not!

The Experts of Raw!

I'm actually serious about this. I remember that after several months in a monastery with only silence, meditation and vegetarian food, all my senses became super sensitive.

So I really think these people are excellent experts when it comes to what food is good for us. They have eliminated from their bodies for years - some even decades - all the bad stuff such as junk food, processed food, meat and anything barbecued!

I'm not a raw food fanatic. I love all kinds of food - raw, cooked and occasionally processed. But I respect the views of raw foodies and all folks who explore strange worlds, especially ones I do not inhabit!

So buckle up! Here are the top raw foods we should never eat and why!

  1. Cashews - they contain toxins and do not digest well!
  2. Cacao - yup, raw chocolate! It contains neuro-toxins that are really not good for us!
  3. Unripe Fruit, especially Bananas - too much starch and complex sugars which are not as digestible or nutritious!
  4. Agave Nectar - it is actually too sweet for our digestive systems!
  5. Garlic - just too strong for our system - makes your skin break out!
  6. GMO Foods - outlawed in most European countries for good reason!

If you'd like to check out the Youtube video go here.

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