Miracle Enzymes – So Important and Only Found in Raw and Juiced Foods

Why Are They So Important

Enzymes are special proteins produced by our bodies that make an unbelievable number – thousands! – of things happen including every one of our vital life functions. Every act in our lives, every thought, every sense, every word we speak depends on enzymes. And the more we have the more energy and health we possess. On the other hand, a lack of enzymes from fresh foods is linked to autism, arthritis, allergies, cancer, cardiovascular disease, old age and death.

The surprising fact is that enzymes are only found in fresh foods. Cooking, processing, bottling, canning - all of these destroy enzymes, and not just some enzymes but every one of them! Before I started juicing I seriously doubt that I ever ate an enzyme!

It's not hard to do in our modern diet of processed and fast foods. There are many reasons to start juicing and this is one of the most important: it's your only road to healthy enzymes other than eating raw foods.

What Are Enzymes

Let’s take a brief look at just one group of enzymes – those involved in digestion. Enzymes in our saliva begin to work on the food we eat as soon as it enters our mouth. Other enzymes get to work in the stomach, and still others do their jobs in our intestines. Digestive enzymes transform everything we eat into energy for everything we do from thinking and breathing to recovering from an illness or injury.

Whenever something needs to be transformed into something else, nature uses enzymes. Every part of the human body contains enzymes, and each enzyme is like a key that fits and opens only one lock. Our muscles, nerves, skin, blood and brain depend on enzymes. They are not living organisms, but rather ‘biological molecules’ that perform specific tasks when called upon.

Industrial God-Send

Most industries have production waste, and most of these waste products are harmful to us and the environment. Enzymes are being used to transform this waste into non-harmful and biodegradable material. Enzymes are rapidly become the most environmentally friendly solution to most industrial problems.

Enzymes are also used to create antibiotics. They are also used in household products to remove stains and in tenderizers to make meat easier to chew.

Let's Take a Closer Look

Enzymes are a type of proteins, and like all proteins they are made up of amino acids. Each enzyme is actually a long string of anywhere from 100 to nearly a million amino acids. Under a powerful microscope enzymes have many different shapes from long strings and coils to complex three-dimensional structures. The different shapes of enzymes correspond to different tasks.

Many valuable nutrients are destroyed when heated. Incredibly, cooking destroys about 50% of the minerals and fiber in food, 75% of the protein and vitamins, and 100% of phytonutrients and enzymes.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) leaves us seriously deficient in so many important nutrients. Many health food experts agree that a healthy diet consists of at least 80% raw foods which will reap astonishing results including recovery from illness, effortless weight management, vibrant health and much more energy.

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