Top 3 Best Champions Juicer Reviews & Buying Advice

Countless Scientific research shows that high intake of vegetables and fruits lower someone’s manifestation of cancer, heart problems and deteriorating diseases of aging. It is also a fact that what we consume generally influences the level of your health meaning we must choose what we eat wisely. One may argue the fact that some fruits or vegetables are delicious to eat. However, they can be very good when used as juice. There is no offense in saying that Fresh Juice is a magical way to maximize your nutrition intake daily. The perfect way to accommodate our busy schedule without compromising on our health is through juicing!

Juicing is the process of separation of fresh fruit and vegetables from its pulp this provides the body with a wide range of vital living and raw nutrients. One important thing is you need a juicer in order to juice.

A juicer works to extract the juice out of fruits and vegetables, by creating a healthy and delicious drink. Making the decision to start a Juice journey is a step in making a difference in your health and it is an easy part but buying a juicer is quite a journey on its own. There are so many juicers in the market varying in both quality and price. Now comes the big question how do you choose? How do you know what is the best juicer for you?Picking the right juicer can be very challenging and buyers need a guide to make informed choices before adding a juicer to their kitchen.

This review will simplify this task and make it less overwhelming.The Plastaket company has been making quality champions juicers since 1953. This survey will analyze their three best masticating juicers, mentioning the pros and cons of each juicer in a bid to jump-start your juicing journey as a buyer.

Why choose champions juicer?

Champions Juicer is made by a Plastaket manufacturing company in the United States, Plastaket is a second generation, family owned business. The company is focused in and proud to continue in the tradition of its founders by making perfect long-lasting, high-quality juicers.

If you have ever seen a juicer, the odds are in favor of that it has been either a champions juicer or the one that looks a lot like it.This is a juicer that completely defines what a kitchen category equipment should be and has revolutionized juicing for years to come.With boasting decades on the market and several improvements that have happened over the years, There is no doubt that champions juicer leads the way in the juicing industry while others follow.

Champions juicer key qualities that make it stand out;


The plastaket company makes real workhorse juicers a juicer that can almost juice anything, all kind of fruits and veggies including wheat grass and leafy greens. In this review, we shall consider some of the champion juicers and their versatile nature.


With modernization comes the ease of use, assembly and disassembly of this type of juicers are truly are also easy to get and reasonably priced.Thorough research has been one of the key areas in the plastaket company with automation of juicers among the milestones achieved no wonder champion juicers standout among the rest.

Top 3 Champions Best Juicers

There are champions models for both domestic and commercial purposes. The many decades of development and manufacturing experience ensure the exceptionally high quality of champions juice extractors. In this audit We shall review mostly their household juicer majorly; Champions Household juicer 4000, Champions household juicer G5-PG710 Black, Champions household juicer G5-NG853S.

1. Champions Household Juicer G5-PG710 Black


  • Run by a full a third horsepower, heavy-duty Universal Electric motor.
  • Use homogenizer to produce veggie loaves, baby foods, sherberts, nut Butters and Fruit sources
  • Huge 1.75 diameter feed chute.
  • Runs at 1725rpm
  • Has a motor rated at 540-watt, 110 50 Hz
  • Ten years constrained producer’s guarantee/5 year restricted guarantee on all squeezing parts and a 3-year guarantee on motor.

This masticating juicer uses a two stage process. First, the ingredients are cut and chopped by stainless steel blades. Next, the produce is crushed against the juicing screen to extract juice.

  • The 1.75 0 feed chute is wide enough to accommodate whole medium-sized fruits and vegetables
  • All juicing parts are made with food-grade nylon and stainless steel.
  • Optional attachments for homogenizing and mixing. so it’s a versatile juicer.
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing

Some of the shortcomings of this juicer include:

  • It is not good for juicing leafy greens because of high rpm and it requires extra attachment to do so
  • It is not dishwasher safe, requires someone to wash it manually.
  • It is not suitable for quiet juicing it’s a noisy masticating juicer
  • It is very bulky and heavy therefore needs to sit on a strong surface

If you need to juice leafy greens you will need to get special attachment thus an added expense on top of the juicer price.

Buying advice

Need a long lasting juicer?

Rest assured this is a juicer that is known to last for a very long time. Its toughness and versatility come with a10year warranty peace of mind. If you want to spend money on a durable masticating juicer then there is no doubt in choosing a G5-PG710 juicer.

The champion G5-PG710 juicer is a heavy-duty and highly rated masticating juicer. This brand of champions juicers has stood the test of time and earned respect from lots of consumers if you look at it. its bound to last for a very long time. High-speed of1725rpm means that you can fill a glass of juice very quickly.

2. Champions Household Juicer G5-NG853S

Features include:

  • Heavy duty juicer for fruits and vegetables
  • Includes instruction guide, sieve, juicing screen, tamper and juicing screen.
  • Powered by 1/3 horsepower, heavy-duty General electric motor.
  • Large 1.75” diameter feed duct
  • Ten years limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The motor and the whole appliance system is very reliable even after many years of use. Due to its well-engineered structure and clogging will never be an issue.
  • One can enjoy great uninterrupted juicing since you can throw larger pieces of produce without having to stop to remove pulp or to clean the appliance.

What to watch out for in this juicer?

Despite all the incredible performance, it has the following shortcomings:

  • It does not juice wheat grass and is not good for juicing green leaves or herbs therefore not recommended for vegans and raw food takes.
  • Juicing citrus fruits gets a rather frothy juice which most people find unpleasant.
  • This machine is rather bulky and has utilitarian style and plastic covered parts do get stained.

Buying advice

Need a high-speed juicer?

Anyone with the willingness to buy a high-speed juicer this is one that you can’t miss on your kitchen counter top.

Most reviewers would agree with me that having this juicer at your kitchen counter top is one thing someone might consider. The rugged nature of G5-NG853S is something worth mentioning about, high speed of 1725rpm means time conscious people this is your best bet.

3. Champions Household Juicer 4000

The juicer is available in color of your choice red, black or white. The good thing is everything you need is all inclusive in the package there isn’t any need to purchase any extra attachment. It includes floating cutter, which is designed to separate juice and pulp in a continuous operation. The cutting blades are made of stainless steel. They are cast into utter strength and durability.

Two augers are included in this type of juicer.The green auger is used for leafy vegetables and wheat grass whereas the black auger is used for fruit and vegetable juices.

It has a blank plate for grinding and homogenizing foods. A perfect example is that it will make coconut milk, baby food, fruit sauces, frozen banana ice cream and dairy ice cream. This juicer is also narrower, shorter and slightly lighter.


  • Powered by a third horsepower, heavy-duty General Electric motor.
  • Large 2.25” Diameter Feed Spout,1725RPMS,540-watt motor,110V 60Hz
  • Heavy duty food processor for vegetables leafy greens and fruits.
  • Two separate augers (Grinding auger and green auger)
  • 5-year limited Manufactures warranty(1 year on cutter blade and screens)

I can attest the efficiency and the longevity of this juicer, good speed, and no frequent repairs. My friend recommended it to me since then I have never regretted a bit. The color of the juice is just so tantalizing with dark pigment meaning all nutrients are extracted even to the last ounce.-kimberly, San Diego

Just like Kimberly from San Diego rip the benefits of this powerful juicer each day, live healthily with no frustrations or fear of breakage any time.

Buying advice

Looking to get good value for your money? The Champions Household juicer 4000 Juicer is a great appliance for its price tag. The Champions Household juicer 4000 Masticating Slow Juicer is a robust, quality built juicer with a host of other countless capabilities. It’s compacted design, ease of use and easy arrangement will enthuse passionate juicers. Not to mention the boundless health benefits one achieves from drinking tasty and great nutrient content juice.

For someone looking to buy a juicer that is quiet and powerful in extracting juice with little effort from their side Champions Household juicer 4000 Juicer is then of highly recommended models

Final verdict and recommendation

The champion 4000 juicer is the most modernized juicer manufactured by the plastaket company. Its versatility, convenience, and efficiency are the key ingredients to your juicing journey. I would no doubt recommend this juicer and it’s worth an investment. This is an assurance that if you taste champions 4000 juice you will have tasted the value for your money and quality is not debatable.


To conclude, the discussed features really work. However, they must be coupled with your great handling of the juicers. Even though a juicer may be durable, it won’t last that long with poor handling.

Always follow the juicing procedures and recipes for a specific juicer. It is of great importance to always observe these two rules:

  • Don’t fail to slice the veggies before juicing just because the juicer can take the whole produce. Whole produce juicers block also.
  • Prioritize cleaning to maximize the effectiveness of your juicer.

If you follow these rules to the later, your juice will perform, and you will automatically give it five-star evaluations. If you do not, there will be concerns

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