5 Best Whole Food Juicers – Guide and Reviews

You can take any fruit or vegetable today and turn it into a delicious juice. All you need to do is to juice it using a juicer.

So, what is a juicer? A juicer is a tool or machine for removing juice from fruit or vegetables.

Juice is nutritious, but a fresh and preservatives free juice that tastes sweeter than processed juice is better!

If you are looking a magical juicer that will liquefy you whatever flavor you need, then, you are home!

Let’s take a look at the best whole food juicers.

So, what is a juicer? A juicer is a tool or machine for removing juice from fruit or vegetables.

Juice is nutritious, but a fresh and preservatives free juice that tastes sweeter than processed juice is better!

If you are looking a magical juicer that will liquefy you whatever flavor you need, then, you are home!

Let’s take a look at the best whole food juicers.

Factors To Consider: Best Whole Food Juicers

I have humbly led you through some of the best whole food juicers and am sure you are feeling like buying all of them because they are equally awesome.

Remember you are purchasing something that will process what will go into your body so put yourself first. I have penned down some key points to guide you;

Type Of Blender

Some blenders serve basic functions while other can serve complex ones. Basic functions blenders are simple, unlike multipurpose blenders which are designed to talk hard processing.

I would advise you to go for multipurpose blender if you have a big family but if you are few or alone a basic blender will do.

Consider The Jar Or Jag Features

Household blenders come with a plastic jar, unlike commercial or multipurpose blenders that come with glass jags.

For easy and smooth pouring of juice into other utensils, I suggest you go for a blender with a wide and open pouring mouth. The ones with small mouth sometimes make it difficult to pour the juice.

The Brand Of The Juicer

There are many companies that make good blenders but are not well known. Whereas, there are brands that have rooted deep into many people’s households.

I would advise you to purchase a blender from a famous and well reputable brand.

How Convenient Is The Blender?

While looking for a blender, convenience should be your number one priority because a blender that is not super convenient is like an electric train without speed.

I would suggest you get a super efficient blender that will last for a very long time and allow you to save time.

The Cost Of The Blender

It is quite clear that most blenders are expensive. Well, some have friendly prices and still are of irresistible quality.

I would suggest you invest in a pocket-friendly blender that will allow you to enjoy the value of your money.

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1. HealthMaster Elite Blender for Fruit and Vegetable 

The first juicer on my list is the HealthMaster Elite food emulsifier. It is a very brilliant kitchen appliance breakthrough ever to come true.

This is not just any common juicer; it is one of a kind. The HealthMaster Elite food emulsifier works incredibly perfect.

It is time to dump that quirky juicer you have been using since high school and invest in HealthMaster Elite food emulsifier.

It will give you impressively quick and easy ways to make some of the delicious dishes such as healthy soups, delicious sauces, delightful coffee and tea, and tasty fondue using whole foods for total nutrition that you are always looking up to when you come back from work.

The crafted from stainless free steel comes with four sharp serrated blades, and it’s a shorter version of an extra-large lid that is easy to open when adding fruits and vegetables.

The new BPA-free pitcher pulverizes and liquefies in a split of seconds thanks to its improved super high horsepower motor.

Unlike other juicers, HealthMaster Blender will facilitate retention of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.


  • It works quickly and easily
  • Stain-free body
  • Aesthetically attractive body
  • The juicer is durable
  • The juicer’s base is strong
  • Works quietly
  • It is very easy to clean


  • The juicer is for food staffs only
  • It could be dangerous to infants

2. Focus Foodservice  Juicer, (Black w/BPA Free Juice Cup)

If you are seeking a juicer from a brand that puts you first, then focus foodservice 97306 Olympus extra large commercial juice press is the one for you.

You know focus Food service are committed to providing the finest products and services that are extremely efficient.

It is constructed from ultra-strong and long lasting cast iron to withstand the rigors of any foodservice operations.

The wider base offers the juicer maximum stability as it siphons fluids from your fruits and the large openings between the base legs will allow you to slide in a tumbler when your juice is ready.

The handle is higher than usual to facilitate stability and maintain the juicer in an upright position.

Some fruits have citrus acids that corrode the juicer’s inner walls but Focus Foodservice juicer has a black enamel finish that is tough enough to resist corrosion.

The juicer also features sure grip rubber handles which are ergonomically designed to allow you to hold it with ease while using it with triple efficient pinion design that exerts maximum pressure during the process, with less effort.

To top it all, this whole fruit juicer has rubber suction cup feet that allow safe operation besides it’s funnel cup is easy to remove and clean.


  • It is an extra large commercial juice press
  • It is designed to withstand the juicing madness
  • Focus foodservice is corrosion free
  • The juicer is incredibly sturdy
  • It is a high-quality product
  • It is secure


  • Complaints of quality issues

3. Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor 

Hamilton Beach 67601A big mouth juice extractor gives you a golden chance to invest in a very powerful kitchen appliance that works magic when it comes to siphoning juice from every inch of that fruit or vegetable.

Embedded with a powerful motor and extra wide three-inch feed chute, Hamilton Beach 67601A big mouth juice extractor shafts through almost anything you put in;

it flawlessly performs the task of extracting the juice from whole fruits and vegetables in a split of seconds.

The creators of Hamilton Beach have enhanced it by minimizing the fuss of cleanup, making all the removable plastic parts dishwasher safe while still keeping in all the nutrient-rich flavors your body needs.

The big mouth juice extractor is so easy to clean. And you will also take a very short time assembling it together once you get it.

It features a plastic bag meant to collect the pulp when you are done juicing.

It is then that you will be able to pass the Steiner basket under some clean running water and polish off excess fiber from building up pulp with the included cleaning brush.


  • Powerful 800 watt motor
  • Best-selling juicer
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Extra-large pulp bin
  • Large, round chute for less pre-cutting
  • Recipes and cleaning brush included
  • Crafted from stainless


4. Glantop® 2200W High Performance Blender

Blenders also make perfect gifts for friends and families especially during Christmas or even house warming parties.

With Glantop 2200W high performance professional commercial blender you will be adding some fun into your friends life as it is a product created for excellence.

The Glantop blender has the following amazing features; unlike other blenders that employ plastic connector which in turn wear off quickly, glantop uses a metal connector to link the container to the motor base which allows better blending and durability.

The blender comes with hardened stainless steel blades that are tough to last longer.

Glantop blender uncommon design is fully integrated with copper. It is therefore very efficient. Besides the copper ensures it does not produce any noise while blending and stability.

The one and only blender that lets you make delicious smoothies, soups and ice cream. To top it all, you will never go vague with this blender as it bears a superb double bearing that enhances its life up to five times that of a common blender.


  • Has variable speed control
  • High-quality stainless body
  • FDA approved blender
  • The blender smashes fruits silently
  • It is corrosion free• It bears powerful blades.


  • May be harmful to infants
  • Uses electricity

5. Champion Juicer G5-PG710 – Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer=

A great juicer is one that puts a smile on your face every time you use it. One that is reliable and aims to satisfy you.

Champion juicer G5 PG710 black commercial heavy duty juicer is a high-quality juicer designed for top class people.

If you also want a perfect match kitchen accessory, this juicer is the one to look for.

Champion juicer G5 PG710 black commercial heavy duty juicer can serve both household and commercial services.

It features front and rear ball bearings that facilitate smoother running while juicing and cooling of the electronic.

The designed to match simplicity blender has an incredibly powerful stainless steel motor shafted that is backed up by a limited ten-year warranty, a fact that very few blenders uphold.

The durable champion juicer is very easy to assemble once you purchase it as well as being the only juicer that has an added winding capacity to increase the starting torque.

It is dire to enjoy a healthy balanced diet full of nutritious fruits, greens and vegetables and the reliable one auger designed Champion Juicer is faster in the juicing process resulting in a richer, deeper colored juice with more flavor and nutrients.


  • Can be used for commercial and household purposes
  • The juicer can handle heavy juicing process
  • Durable
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • The champion juicer can cool itself when loaded
  • It comes with a handsome ten-year warranty


  • It uses a lot of electricity
  • It could be hazardous when left lying around
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Final Verdict

After going through the above best whole food juicers that have been approved, I would advise you to be vigilant. Just pick a juicer that feels right to you.

The one you will enjoy using. Besides having all the features you are seeking. Invest in quality, purchase the best whole food juicer at very friendly prices.

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