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Foods for Your Thyroid (2)

Top 5 Foods for Your Thyroid (Fruits & Veggies)

What Is a Thyroid ProblemThe thyroid gland produces hormones that influence nearly every metabolic process in the body, including temperature, heartbeat and energy.Thyroid disorders range from a slightly enlarged one commonly called a goiter – which may not require any medical attention – to serious conditions including cancer. The most […]

Overripe Fruit

Great Reasons to Use Overripe Fruit in Your Juices & Smoothies!

A colleague and freelance writer, Stacey Feintuch, asked me a couple questions about the use of overripe fruit in juices and smoothies. I hadn’t thought about this issue before and so began a new adventure.Turns out that there are surprising reasons NOT to throw away that bruised fruit! Furthermore, throwing […]