Green Star Elite Gse 5000 Review – Juice Extractor with Jumbo Twin Gears

When I first started my juicing business, I was confused about which juicer I will use. I needed a juicer that will maintain nutrient and most importantly maintain natural color and taste of the juice.

Green star elite juicer was a type of juicer I needed for my business. It had a twin gear which could juice everything perfectly especially leafy green as compared to other juicers. With its twin gear, it ensured that the yield were higher with zero pulp.

The juice maintained its natural color and taste. Most customers were happy with their juice and in no time at all the business flourished. The green star elite juicer capabilities in place ensured my success in the juicing process.

I also have the same juicer at home, and it also functions as a food processor. It makes baby food easily, nut butter and sorbets. The juicer amazing décor makes my kitchen sleek, and its efficiency is beyond comparison.

Green Star Elite Gse 5000 Review: Product Features

Easy To Clean

Cleaning is necessary and unavoidable, especially in the kitchen. A juicer is something you will use on a daily basis, and it’s not every day you have time in your hands to wash the juicer. The juicer that is easy to clean is a great.

addition to the kitchen and your life. A Green Star Elite juicer takes very less time to clean and very easy to clean since it’s quite easy to disassemble.

Long Warranty

A juicer is a machine that will last you a lifetime or it should. Having a warranty is very important for any juicer to show guarantee. Sometimes a juicer might not work as the features description states it should, or it might break down after a few weeks or months of use.

This is where a warranty comes in handy you can return the product for exchange or repair. The Green star elite juicer comes with a 12-year warranty.

Automatic Pulp Ejection

When your seriously juicing then interruption in the middle of juicing to remove pulp takes a lot of time. Let’s face it in the morning; we usually have less time between juggling to take a shower and prepare to go to work.

Juicing is a fast breakfast that you can take to go. The juicing can slow you down when it comes to the pulp, but with this particular juicer, it comes with automatic pulp ejection ensuring continuous juicing.


When buying a juicer, you only buy for one purpose to juice. When the juicer comes with other functions, it’s a plus side it saves you space in the kitchen and most importantly money.

This green star elite is not only a great juicer but can also prepare baby food, grind nuts to make nut butter also makes sorbets perfectly. This juicer is designed to function as all of those are quite impressive.

Dual Gear System

A juicer that extracts all the juice and produces almost dry pulp is always the best juicer one could find in the market. The Green star elite then should be called the best juicer. It produces the driest pulp as compared to the rest of the juicers in the market.

The juicer yields more juice. It’s designed with a dual gear system which ensures that all the juice is extracted from the fruit and vegetables.

  • Long warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum yield of juices
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Quick to prepare
  • Comes with froth

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Do hard roots like carrots bog down?
A: No they go through perfectly

Q: will this work well for juicing a lot of grapes?
A: The fruit should be seedless

Q: How long can the juicer go without stopping?
A: it only runs for 30 minutes and then it needs a rest

Final Verdict

The green star elite juicer can work best in the kitchen or even in the business area. With the capability to juice even the impossible leafy green to perfection and most importantly with zero pulp, which most juicers are not capable of. The juicer also works as a food processor.

For a price of one the juicer can work as a food processor and the juicer hence saving you money from buying a food processor. So if you’re serious about juicing your own juice or even starting your own business this is the juicer for you.

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