Hamilton Beach 67603 Review

Juicers have become one of the most necessary kitchen appliances today. While they may only have one function, which is to separate extract from healthy fruits and vegetables, they have a ton of advantages for the homeowner. For one, it guarantees healthy and delicious glasses of juice all year round. On top of the fact that this is the perfect companion to a yummy breakfast, it also ensures that you receive the daily dose of vitamins that your body requires. At the same time, juicers have the ability to extract flavors from vegetables. This can be then used for soups, salads, broths and other culinary creations.

The Hamilton Beach 67603

Given its meteoric rise to popularity, there are now hundreds of types of juicers available in grocery outlets, appliance stores and e-commerce websites. Naturally, consumers need all the help they can get to choose the best type of home equipment for their home. One of the best juicers right now is the Hamilton Beach 67603. Designed to be the perfect additions to kitchens, this machine guarantees delicious juices to its owners. To find out more about this item, read this Hamilton Beach 67603 review.


Unlike the Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor, the Hamilton Beach 67603 stands 9 inches and has width of 16 inches and a thickness of 13 inches. It has a weight of 9 pounds. Like all of the items from Hamilton Beach, this juicer is constructed with quality materials that were sourced around the world. Its construction ensures that it will stand strong even with repeated use. At the same time, it guarantees full functionality even after years.

Similar to the Hamilton beach 67608 vs 67650, the 67603 comes in a cool and striking design. The mouth where the fruit goes comes in a clear plastic, while the rest of the equipment is in a clean, white minimalist color. There are orange lines running down the sides and on the actual power switch adding a unique and cool character to the device.

As for the internal components and mechanism, it is an excellent solo juicer for the modern man and woman. The chute fits large slices of fruits, so owners won’t have to chop and dice their fruits into tiny pieces, wasting away flavor and healthy juices. At the same time, it also comes with a powerful 800-watt motor. This component packs a powerful punch. It will juice, extract and crush mounds of fruits in mere seconds, giving anyone a delicious cup of juice in less than ten seconds. This is especially needed if you’re using multiple fruits to create a delectable blend or cooler.


Like the Hamilton Beach 67608a, the Hamilton Beach 67603 hosts a lot of benefits. First off, its size, and its chute makes it perfect as a solo juicer. It can make an easy cup of juice, making it ideal for homeowners who live alone in an apartment, loft or a condominium unit. If you have family or friends over, you might have to do twice the work. But given the power and speed of the Hamilton Beach 67603, it should not be a problem.

Using this particular device is a walk in the park. Unlike other extractors that force users into a long and tiring process that involves a lot of button pushing and knob turning, this requires a relatively simple procedure. All one needs to do is to prepare a glass, insert a piece of fruit, turn the switch on and wait for the juice to drip. Getting a delicious cup of juice will be over in a couple of minutes.

The setup and maintenance work is also pretty easy. Assembling the kitchen machine is simple and not at all complicated. You won’t have to spend a long time figuring out where things go in place. Cleaning it up is not a problem either. The components are dishwasher safe, so you only need to leave it there for it to be prepared for use the next day. Of course, users can also choose to rinse and clean it the old fashioned way, with a sponge and some trusty dishwashing soap.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does the Hamilton Beach 67603 cost in retail?

A: The Hamilton Beach 67603 is one of the cheapest units in the market. It costs $49 dollars. It will certainly not make a dent in your wallet.

Q: How much power does the motor have?

AIt has 800 watts of motor power. That is enough to cut and juice a whole fruit in a few minutes.

Q: Does it clog often?

A: No, it does not. The juicer is masterfully designed to avoid clogging because of pulp. Even if one using multiple kinds of fruits, it will not cause the user any problem.

Q: Does it have its own container?

A: Unfortunately, it does not. Users have to provide their own containers. However, a tumble and a glass can fit under the juicer.

Q: Is the juicer unstable?

A: It is not. Like all of the juicers from Hamilton, it’s stable. You won’t even need to hold down the machine while it does its work.

Q: Is it noisy?

A: It surprisingly is not, unlike other machines in the market.

Q: Can it be used every day?

A: Yes. Similar to the Hamilton beach juice extractor- 67602, this juicer was designed to be utilized every single day.

  • Features a sleek and modern aesthetic appearance
  • Has a large mouth that can fit sliced fruits
  • Has a powerful motor than can juice various kinds of fruits in mere minutes
  • The machine automatically separates pulp from the juice
  • Can be used every day without having any problems
  • Easy to clean and components are dishwasher friendly
  • The device is also silent and stable
  • There is no container for the juice.
  • Designed to only juice one glass per use.


Even though it does not have the large container that most juicers have, the Hamilton Beach 67603 is a powerful kitchen appliance that’s perfect for solo juicing. Fast, efficient and convenient to use, this is perfect for any solo homeowner.

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