Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Review

When you’re living with no one but yourself, leading a healthy lifestyle can be quite challenging. Just thinking about all the hassle involved in preparation and cleaning stages is enough to stop you from thinking further.

Not that every one living on their own cannot lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m just saying it takes extra efforts and disciplines to make things happen.

Making your own smoothies is one example. Usually, it is much more convenient to walk to a smoothie shop than to make your own. But unless you have a Smoothie King outlet next to your block, your busy schedule might not let you do just that every day.

So what’s the deal here? When you only need to make a single serving of smoothie every day, do you really need to go for expensive blenders such as Vitamix 5200 or Blendtec Designer series?

Answer yes and I bet you’ll end up with that just being another wishful thinking. No, you wouldn’t want to spend few hundreds of dollars for a blender if you’re living alone. Instead, what you need is a good personal-size blender.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 51101 is one of the most popular personal blenders. It is such a simple device that might just be what you need to start your health resolution going and make daily morning smoothies a routine.

The Least Maintenance You Can Get

Yeah, cleaning a blender jar after each use can be so much of a hassle. What you have with the typical blenders like Ninja NJ600 is a blender jar, a blade assembly and a jar lid. Then you have the extra mug. If you’re using a travel mug, it mean an extra dish to wash.

As revealed in various blender reviews, this seems to be the biggest hurdle that stops anyone from getting a blender. If that’s been your excuse for not getting a blender and start making your own smoothies, that’ll no longer be the case with Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 51101.

A blender jar that doubles as travel mug is all you have. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Stuff all the berries, honey and other ingredients into the jar. Cover it up with the lid (that’s also a drinking lid). Punch the pulse button and that’t it.

Instead of having 4 separate dishes to wash, there is only 1 when you use the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. In addition, with the jar doubling as your travel mug, you no longer need to transfer smoothies out from your jar to the mug.

That’s zero risk of spill over and messy table top!

The Right Size

14 oz is the capacity of the blending jar (cum travel mug). It fits perfectly into the drink holder in my car and yours too.

The other thing that Hamilton Beach Personal Blender owners love to rave about in their reviews is its well-thought cord wrap design. If you need to bring it for a weekend or business travel, there’s no more excuse to skip your morning smoothies.

This personal-sized blender from Hamilton Beach easily fits into any luggage (even business luggage). And storing is easy as there’s no cord to mess around.

I gave this blender as a present for one of my cooking buddies during her daughter’s baby shower event. I was surprised by how much she loved it.

She told me how a seemingly simple blender has turned to her reliable assistant in preparing baby foods. She even brought it during a few of her travel trips.

It Costs No More than Few Cups of Smoothies at the Shop

How much does a serving of smoothies cost? It depends on where you live and what smoothies you order. The price can range from $3 to $5.

Other than the overwhelmingly positive review scores that it’s earned, cost is the biggest mover. The cost of a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is no more than few of these servings. You will easily recoup your investment with 10 servings.

But that’s not the best part. The best part is you get to master your blending and ‘mixology’ skill!

Is it the Best?

Best is such an ambiguous term. If best means the ultimate smoothie blender (minus cost consideration), I can tell you that Hamilton Beach Personal Blender definitely does not qualify to be even considered among the top.

But that’s to be expected, right? With a price tag that’s only a tiny fraction of the best blenders, do you expect it to outperform its (much) more expensive counterparts?

I would be insane to be doing that!

But if convenience is high on your criteria and you need a machine that crushes ice and chop fruits to make you a cup of smoothies, Hamilton Beach personal blender 51101 is one of your best bet.

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