How to Shop for an Aicok Juicer

Consider your budget:

Most Aicok juicers are available within a reasonably similar price range, about $100-200. They’re all somewhat similar in design, but have a few differences in gear systems, auger designs, and attachment sets.

The design gets a little more refined with each generation. The most expensive Aicok juicers have better balance in the auger shaft, harder plastics in the body, and better gear systems for increased torque.

However, the basic function is the same throughout the line. There aren’t a lot of flashy extra features.

Know what you’re getting:

Aicok juicers are all masticating juicers. That means you’ll have to have different expectations than you would have with a centrifugal model.

These juicers will work more slowly and require prep work. However, they’ll yield better juice and waste less in the process.

We found that a lot of the mixed reviews for these juicers were due to people having poor expectations of what a masticating juicer would be like.

We found many complaints that it was a pain to clean the pulp screen; it was annoying to cut up produce in advance, and so forth. While these are all par for the course with a masticating juicer, they’ll come as a disappointment to someone who’s looking for a low-maintenance, zippy centrifugal juicer.

Consider durability:

All Aicok juicers are made primarily from plastic. If you’re a hardcore juicer, you might run into some durability problems after a couple of years. We recommend something a bit more heavy-duty for these buyers.

Think about the long term:

Aicok’s warranty coverage is pretty remarkable at first glance. The minimum warranty period the company offers is two years, and some of their newer models come with three years of coverage. That’s better than most other juicers on the market.

We’ve found that the company still provides warranty coverage, but with some delays in shipping replacement parts and such.

Choose a model based on your juicing habits:

If you’re going to be juicing a lot of every day, you’ll want to get one of the newer models. Their augers are better aligned, which means that the auger and pulp screen will both last longer under hard use. These models also come with longer warranty coverage.

If you are juicing lots of soft fruit and citrus, you’ll want a masticating juicer with a specific soft fruit attachment.

If you’re in more of a hurry or want to do less prep work, you might want to take another look at the vertical model. It’ll give you the same efficiency and power as the horizontal juicers, but is better suited to people who don’t want to dedicate hours a day to juicing.

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