How to Use a Juicer [Step-By-Step Guide]

A homemade healthy drink can make you feel calm and refreshed. For this purpose, you will need a juicer. You can easily make any kind of fresh juice any time of a day by using a juicer. If you drink a glass of fresh juice, it will help you to absorb essential nutrients and to stay energetic for the whole day.

And I think drinking is much easier than eating. However, confusion may occur regarding how to use a juicer for the first time.

It is always easy to operate a manual juicing machine, but in the case of an electric juicer, things might be a bit different. Here are some tips on how to use a juicer. Hope after knowing these tips you can make fresh juices instantly for your beloved family members.

Choosing the right machine before learning how to use a juicer

Before choosing a juicer at first see the material of the product. You should buy a product that you can use it for a long time. After all, your money is important to you. A product’s durability depends on the manufacturing materials.

Another thing is the speed of the juicer. So, overlook the speed control method so that you can control it according to your choice. The last thing you can keep in mind is the quantity issue.

I mean, check how many glasses of juice, you can make at once from that juicer. So, these are the things that you should consider before buying a juicer.

Get things you need

To be successful in juice making you just need some basic things like the sharp knife, cutting board, fruits, vegetables and of course a juicer. You can also add other flavors according to your taste. You should try to follow the new juicing recipes of your own.

Prepare the working area

No work can be perfect in a messy environment. So, for making a perfect glass of juice you need to find an organized place. While using the machine, It is better if you use a towel or newspapers. Because if the juice comes out you can easily wipe it and keep your working space neat and clean.

Slice the fruits

Slicing a fruit is like an earlier preparation for juicing. Before slicing, make sure that you have all the fruits available to you.

After washing the fruits properly, you can slice it so that juicer can process it easily.

Normally, there are two types of slicing. One is slicing your fruit into half and another is cutting it into pieces or makes the size shorter than the actual one.

Remember, you can easily extract juices from all kinds’ citrus fruits by slicing them into the half. And the rest other things will be perfect if you follow these methods.

Set up the juicer

At first, you will need to place your juicer in the right position. Place it according to your comfort zone. Then, you need to collect a jar in which you can store the juices. You can use any kind of jar, but it is better if you use a transparent one.

Because from this you will be able to check whether the jar is full to its capacity or not. To start the juicing process first you need to push all the sliced fruits into the juicer.

You should have patience while pushing the fruits. Do not push fast or hard, it may put an unfavorable effect on the whole juicing process. Once you collect all the juices, you can check the following steps on juicing function.

The juicing operation

After having everything almost ready, you just need to follow these few steps. First, you need to set the speed of your machine.

The speed settings can be lower or higher, it depends on the fruits. Then, simply put all the fruits one by one into your machine and check the storing jar.

When it is done, you can check the pulp. If it is not perfect you can re-feed the fruits to get some extra juices.

Strain the juice

You need to use a strainer while transferring the juices from one jar to another. Straining your juice is a must. After all, a strainer can remove the seeds or the peels of the fruits. There is a matter of hygiene also. You can enjoy a very smooth and pure juice by using a strainer.

Cleaning your juicer

After using your juicer, you need to give some time for cleaning it. Cleaning is an important issue when you want something to last for a long time.The proper cleaning will make your juicer durable and long lasting.

Try to wash and remove the stains as early as possible when the juicing operation ends.After washing, you can place it on a towel or a dry mat. Then when it dries entirely you must keep it on a suitable place so that you can use it for next juicing purpose.

Now that you know how to use a juicer, you should try it at your home. Enjoy every moment of juicing with your family members.

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