Ninja QB900B Review: Does this Ninja make Good Kitchen Arsenal?

Of all names, have you ever wondered why they chose ‘Ninja’ to carry the brand’s name? Started by Euro Pro LLC (one of the world’s best when it comes to media marketing), such selection is not made for nothing.

Everyone knows what Ninja and all the Ninja warriors are known for. Though we don’t see them anymore, Ninja warriors are supposed to be agile, highly skilled and ruthless. I see these as the goals that Ninja blenders are trying to accomplish and deliver.

In this Ninja QB900B review, we are putting our microscopic lense on Ninja Master Prep QB900B. It’s been making huge waves among millions of blender users. It’s been a regular chart topper in many retailers’ best-seller chart – from Best Buy to Costco to Amazon.

Let’s zoom in on the Ninja QB900B. Let’s find out what things are done right and if there is any rational explanation behind the Ninja blender craze among many kitchen moms and cooks alike.

Ninja Master Prep QB900B: In-Depth Review

Sharp & Innovative 2-layers Blade Design

The first thing about Ninja Prep Master that will raise eyebrow and get conversation going is the 2-layers blade design. This is not something that you get to see in most blenders.

Is it good design? Let me ask you how often do you have to lift the jar, do some shaking, blend and repeat few times before you get the blending smoothness that you want? For me, that answer to be ‘Often’. Worse still, it’s a frustrating process that hold you up (while there are so many other tasks you need to do) during your meal preparation time.

2-layers Blade Design

It is painful stories as this that triggered the 2-layer blade design featured in Ninja Master Prep QB900B. Personally, I find it awesome. With the QB900B, all I need is press down the button and let it takes care of the rest. In-between, I can take a look at my oven just to make sure that the chicken in my oven doesn’t get burnt out.

The other thing that you’d find many owners of Ninja Prep Master like to rave about (or warn) is the blade sharpness. If that alone doesn’t give you a clear idea on the level of sharpness, take a look at the manual. The ‘Blades are sharp!’ warning is mentioned 3 times!

Look around at all the other blender reviews and I bet you can find such warning mentioned in other blender models.

If you forget about all the technicalities, what does the blade design mean to you? Simple. It crushes ice, chops garlic and pulverizes fruits really well.

Ninja Blender Pulse

Big Pitcher, Extra Bowl for Additional Flexibility

If making healthy breakfast smoothies has been your daily morning routine and you need to make multiple servings of smoothies every time, you’d probably realize how some blenders are simply too small and big enough only for single serving capacity.

I live with 2 young kids and have to make 4 servings of smoothies each morning. My serving size is about 10oz and the 48oz capacity of the QB900 pitcher lets me get the job done and over with in a single shot.

The other thing that makes Ninja Prep Master a good run for your bucks is the additional 2-cup processor that comes together in a box. This is where you mince, dice and chop.

Easy to clean

Instead of going for the junk food (Mc Donald is a very good example), everyone knows that homemade cooking is always better. If your latest resolution is to lose weight and improve your diet, getting a blender is only the first baby step.

Usually, things will be great for the first few instances. But the hassle of cleaning your blender will start to kick in very soon. For some people, we’re talking about as short as days. For others, it may be weeks or months.

But that’s beside my point. My point is a good blender should not only be able to crush and chop well, but cleaning should be a breeze. That’s one of the most important criteria that I look out for when choosing my new blender.

With Ninja Master Prep QB900B, you’ll not have a reason to stop your healthy diet and go back to the junk. Cleaning is very easy (unless your definition of easy is just rinsing) and it is one of easiest among all the blenders that I’ve owned so far.

Things You’d Nag

Smoothies Consistency

One issue that often props up among unhappy QB900 owners is the consistency they get with their smoothies. I would consider it as an isolated case due to misuse or defect if it is mentione once or twice. But the consistent mention in many of the Ninja blender discussion rings alarm. To me, it is something worth deeper investigation.

After analyzing all the relevant Ninja blender reviews and speaking with some of the unhappy users, I found one striking similiarity among majority of them. Most of them are not first time blender owners. In fact, going one step further, I discovered that many of them have previously owned such expensive blenders as Blendtec or Vitamix TurboBlend prior to their Ninja QB900B.

Is this a legitimate concern then? Let’s think about it for a moment. As I’ve previously highlighted in Ninja vs Vitamix comparison, I don’t think it is wise to put the two head-to-head in a match up.

If asked honestly, everyone owns a Vitamix in their dreams. But if you need a working blender and you need it now, would you wait until you strike winning lottery before you can have a blender sitting at your kitchen top?

Let’s be realistic. Not all of us have hundreds of dollars to splurge on a blender. But does it mean your weight loss program has to wait till then? Does it mean your healthy lifestyle has to wait till then? Absolutely not!

The point I’m trying to make here is for the price it is worth, expecting the Ninja Prep Master to crush iPhone like a Blendtec does (see video here) is a wishful thinking. But as far as my experience (and majority of others’) goes, I’m happy with the banana smoothies coming out of the QB900. That’s all that matters.

Plastic Parts

The other issue you’d hear often is the cheap platic parts that the QB900 is made of. Again, this is something that is quite legitimate. But is it something to be concerned of?

Ninja Blender Plastic Parts

Let’s put it this way. With components that are made to be dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, what else would you be asking for? Knowing that every cup of my smoothie will be free of the harmful effects of BPA is probably the most important or assuring part of blender specification. Since I have a dishwasher at home, it is good to know that I can place it in my dishwasher if I need to.

Nonetheless, I’d agree that it might not give you the solid feel that you’d get with the more expensive blenders. But you get what you paid for. I just felt it is a bit unreasonable to expect more for the price that I paid for.

The Verdict

With all things considered, I think more often than not, you’d be happy with the Ninja Master Prep QB900B sitting at your kitchen table top. If you have limited budget and you’re determined not to let anything get in your way for a healthier lifestyle, this would be one of the best blender for what it is worth.

If a smoothie maker is what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our pick of the best blender for smoothies and see where this blender stands among the greats!

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