Omega 8005 Juicer Review: Single-Gear Household Masticating Juicer

If you are looking for an extraordinary juicer, the Omega J8005 masticating juicer might be your choice. This amazing product can be used to mince herbs and garlic, make past, prepare baby food any time from all-natural ingredients, whip a batch of soy milk, prepare peanut butter and grind coffee. Omega J8005 not only juices fresh fruits and vegetables, but it does a number of other things.

The juicer is also designed to operate at a relatively low speed, 80 revolutions per minute, thus maintaining most natural nutrients and tastes. The architecture of the juicer allows separation of juice and pulp during the first stage of juicing and then pressing further of the pulp to add to your yield. The dual-stage operation makes this juicer very efficient.

Although the low auger speed might be a disappointment to some juicing enthusiasts, the nature of the juice produced might be an encouragement to many. Omega J8005 masticating juicer always maintains the natural flavours of your components. It also doesn’t leave a lot of froth and foam behind after juicing.

This also means that your juice can naturally be stored for about 3 days without any preservatives. When you purchase Omega J8005, you also get Juicing Screen Cone, Oval nozzle, Round Nozzle and four other nozzles.

Our in-depth Omega 8005 Review

Whether you like fresh fruit or vegetable juice or not, omega 8005 masticating juicer is a product you should consider having in your kitchen. This juicer can almost juice and grind anything in your kitchen; however, I’d like to caution anyone who like juicing oranges and such like fruits that this might not be the best option for you. This is because the straining screen is blocked by pulp forcing you to stop and remove the pulp. Other than that, the juicer can still be used to juice lime, oranges, et cetera.

The juicer is very efficient with other fruits and vegetables. It also maintains the temperature of the ingredients at room temperature, which is a good thing for everyone looking for healthy juices.

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