What Do I Need To Make Wheatgrass Juice?

Wheatgrass is a wonderfully nutrient-rich grass that can be juiced for a healthy, energy-boosting drink. It tastes wonderful, aids digestion, and helps cleanse the body inside and out. However, in order to enjoy all the advantages of this delicious juice, you need a wheatgrass juicer.

Trying to make wheatgrass juice in a regular blender won’t work—it will just make a mess! The fine grass blades will become entangled in a regular kitchen blender, and it simply will not work right.

There are two types of juicers that are appropriate for making wheatgrass juice, one manual and the other electric. When looking for a wheatgrass grinder, make sure it is durable, made of high quality materials, easy to clean, and easy to use.


A manual juicer is a hand cranked device that grinds and crushes the wheatgrass to extract the juice so it can be strained and enjoyed. Many manual wheatgrass juicers are easy to assemble and clean. They have the benefit of not requiring electricity. These types of juicers come equipped with a clamp (or sometimes, a suction cup), that attaches to a countertop or table, so you can use them anywhere.

Whether you’re staying at a hotel on a business trip, or picnicking at the beach, you can create fresh wheatgrass juice anywhere with a manual juicer. Often made from stainless steel or plastic, this type of juicer is very sturdy and easy to use.


An electric wheatgrass juicer is also called a cold-press or a slow masticating juicer. This machine works by slowly crushing the plant products very finely, forcing it between gears or crushing it with an auger, to extract the maximum amount of juice.

This minimizes foam and helps bring a higher yield of juice from your grass. While an electric wheatgrass juicer is more expensive than a manual one, they are more versatile.

Slow-speed masticating juicers can be used to make a variety of juices, but a hand cranked manual juicer can be used only for wheatgrass juice. In addition, most slow masticating juicers have other useful kitchen capabilities like food processing, grinding, homogenizing and more.

Both types of wheatgrass juicers are useful, so consider your needs and explore your options when looking for a wheatgrass juicer.

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