What To Do With Pulp From Juicer?

What do I do with the juice pulp after juicing?

Juicing however comes with a unique challenge i.e. what do you do with the juice pulp after juicing? Many people who are new to juicing find themselves wondering what to do with the leftover pulp which is also be healthy. Although most vitamins and minerals find their way in thejuice, the leftover pulp still has some nutrients and most of the fiber.

Numerous studies have proven fiber plays a very important role in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. There is therefore no doubt as to whether or not the pulp is useful. The focus should therefore be on utilising leftover pulp to the fullest to ensure you get the most out of your juicing experience. If you are looking for ideas on what you should do with juice pulp after juicing, look no further. Below are some good tips/ideas depending on the kind of fruits and vegetables you are juicing. What To Do With Pulp From Juicer?

Mix the pulp with Mac and cheese

This is one of the best ways of utilising leftover pulp after juicing. Very many households have Mac and cheese on their daily diet in its organic form or as pasta mixed with shredded cheese and butter. Adding the pulp into plain Mac and cheese is an excellent way to increase the nutritional value. It is however important to note that this works for vegetable pulp only. If you happen to juice fruits frequently, perhaps you should consider idea number two.

Mix The Pulp With Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is also part of the daily diet of most households. Juice pulp from fruits can add a lot of fiber, taste and nutritional value to fruit salads regardless of the type of fruit salad you have made. You just need to put the pulp in a cup and mix it with honey, olive oil and some yogurt to add taste then add the resulting mixture to your fruit salad. This is way better than adding sugary carbonated juices to your fruit salad just to give it a better taste.

Mix The Pulp With Cream Cheese

You need one block of cream cheese and approximately one bowl of vegetable pulp to make delicious cream cheese sandwich spread. You can spread the cream cheese on a tortilla or choose to roll it up. It’s entirely up to. You can even go as far as adding some garlic or herbs to spice it up.

Cook The Pulp With Chicken Broth

Typical households make between 2 and 3 batches of chicken broth per week. This is about the same number of times typical households juice vegetables. Cooking chicken broth with vegetable pulp is another perfect way to utilise leftover pulp from juicing vegetables. It adds flavour as well as nutrients.

This is another perfect way to utilise leftover vegetable pulp from juicing vegetables. If you don’t want to cook vegetable pulp because of obvious reasons i.e. it will kill most of the nutrients, you can add the pulp to already cooked stews and soups. This automatically boosts the fiber and nutritional content of the stews or soups you have prepared. This tip works well with hot soups and stews i.e. red sauce.

Make Quick Bread With The Pulp

There are thousands of recipes available online for quick bread and muffins made using vegetable pulp. All you need to do is decide what you want to make. Vegetable pulp has been proven to work best with carrot bread recipes. The pulp blends perfectly with the bread. No one can notice a little spinach, ginger and beets mixed with carrots in carrot bread. You shouldn’t therefore worry too much about the appearance like the nutritional value you will add to quick bread.

Make Pancakes With The Pulp

This is another perfect way to use fruit or vegetable pulp leftover after juicing. You can choose to cook pancakes with juice pulp anytime i.e. breakfast or dinner. It’s even an easier and faster way to make a quick healthy snack for your family. You don’t need to waste time preparing vegetables if you already have pancake mix at home.


The above information is adequate enough to guide you on the right path when you don’t know what to do with fruit or vegetable pulp after juicing. As mentioned above, pulp from juicing is very healthy (contains fiber and nutrients). You should therefore do as much as you can to utilise it even if it means improvising. Although the above tips/ideas can come in handy, feel free to improvise and discover new interesting ways of using leftover pulp from juicing.

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