3 Days Juice Cleanse: Daily Juice Fasting Routine

Just as the regular watering and tendering is of significance to the flowers the body has no exclusion from being accorded good care. Living on natural herbs will ensure a healthy lifestyle since it provides a health supplement that cleanses and equally accords the body love and care. In essence this is simply the activation of the internal doctor who facilitates the pleasurable energy flow and handles you three days a week.

Surely this is a guarantee for protection in all situations whenever you are at rest, sleep or having a long gruesome day at work. Apparently barricading the way to the toxins is the ideal to experience a perfect feel of quality life. The best way of enhancing detoxification is to substitute the consumption of harmful foods with the therapeutic foods. Just like a drug abuser or a regular coffee drinker will suffer withdrawal effects upon stopping the habit the same may be experienced by the person concerned. This is implicated to the relation of the body as it releases toxins to be exited from the body system.

Daily juice fasting routine

  • Am-Alkalizing vegetable broth – 8 to 10 glasses of warm Am-Alkalizing vegetable broth should be taken after shower.
  • Breakfast-With equal amount of purified or spring water dilute with equal amount of fruit juices. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are recommended because of their quality of high nutritional value compared to the other counterparts which are nutritionally raped and by extension genetically fractured.
  • Mid-Morning-It is recommended that you take a cup of herbal tea. The excellent qualities are chamomile and peppermint. This provides the body with detox vitamin A, E and C.
  • Noon- a glass of fresh juice and vegetable is ideal at this point. Noon can also be used for some mild exercise as long as your schedule is not compromised, both anaerobic and aerobic will greatly facilitate detox process. If one would have the chance to even, try out therapeutic baths or massage for sure it would be a fun filled experience.
  • Midafternoon-a cup of herbal tea is recommended. Heating water to a complete boil denatures the enzymes hence one should resist boiling water to 100%.
  • Early evening-A glass of fresh vegetable juice should be taken. Pulp or puree should be avoided at all cost.
  • Mid-evening-at this point you have a vast variety to choose from for example: broth or tea, a fruit or vegetable juice, the choice is yours.
  • Bedtime-At this time a glass of warm vegetable broth is essential. Never boil a refrigerated broth when warming.

Breaking the fast


  • Desist from taking heavy proteins, fats or any animal products since the digestive system is not yet capable of digesting them altogether and by extension interferes with the outcome of fast and equally instigate sickness.
  • Watermelon, apples and other high water content fruits are good for the start. Small quantity is recommended since one easily gets full. Proceed with moderation as you watch the reaction of the body.
  • One is at liberty to juice no more strain.
  • Addition of two table spoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and equal amount of honey to clean water is critical in stimulating digestion.


  • This face is similar to the first phase above the only difference is the need to add any of these: avocado, lettuce, spinach, berries, olive oil, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, dried fruit and vegetable soups.

Phase 3

This phase involves a sluggish switch to the normal diet.

Menu for 3 Days Juice Cleanse

  • Just similar to the preceding phases just a little twist which involves addition of the following; grains, steamed veggies or a backed sweet potato. Desist from any greasy or heavy foods. Fruits and vegetables should be the focus and it’s recommended that you take small amount.
  • Congestible and indigestible food materials such as dairy and fatty foods should be avoided. This is because they are likely to trouble the digestion.
  • This is the right time to test for the allergies and sensitivity by adding every suspect food material in its whole step by step to see the response of the body.

Unexpected benefits of cleansing process

  • Deeper conscience-cleansing process revitalizes energy an implication of its ability to facilitate purification and equally release stagnation. Cleanse process that is pegged on water and juices ensures liveliness and ability to be aware and awake.
  • Increased vibrational frequency-A person is defined by what he eats for example taking up an enzyme rich food whose vibration frequency is high you automatically become vibrant.
  • Enhances ability to cope with stress-cleanse process eliminates stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine that prompt adrenalin fatigue thus making the gland more effective. The fruits and vegetables offer nutrients in abundance thus ensures adrenal glands nourishment. This is thus a boost in ability to resist stress.
  • Emotional release-As toxins are being flashed out of the body system layers of emotions are equally released. Anger fear, anxiety may float up enhancing the ability to combat serious pains and by extension providing the protection against diseases such as stagnant liver, aches and pains, depression among others.

This extraordinary cleanse experience is only employed by the few of the Earthlings. Nevertheless, its repeated use has proved superb. Therefore, taking this courageous move in a wellness expedition is quite an honorary thing. An intake of 7-8 glasses in a total of everything during the cleansing process will see to it that a faster averagely loses a pound a day in the first 20 days.

Random drinking is detrimental as it sups energy from the outstanding detox process so it is fundamentally essential to stick to 7 to 8 glasses total consumption rule. It is essential to carry out a cleanse once or twice a year. Undertaking a cleanse process surmounts to pressing the reset button for the body. It is linked to several benefits such as hormonal balance, improved digestion, replenished energy, shiny skin and the cheerful feeling among other benefits.

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