5 Best Commercial Cold Press Juicers – Guide & Reviews

Nice fresh homemade juice, apart from having extensive health benefits, can be the most refreshing thing you day all day. It invigorates and leaves you with a happy spell all day.

To make the excellent juice you need an excellent squeezer and nothing brings you closer to a nice quality brilliant working squeezer than this comprehensive article you are just about to read below. After this, you will be an expert at squeezers.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Best Commercial Cold Press Juicers.​

What to Consider when Buying a Commercial Cold Juicer

To buy not just a juicer but a good juicer, you need to be knowledgeable about what exactly makes a good juicer so that you don’t end up making a decision that you will likely regret later. Below I will tell you to want you to need to consider when buying a juicer.


Durability is among the most important factors to consider when buying a juicer unless you want to buy a new juicer every few weeks.

A juicer needs to be made with material that ensures longevity and increases the lifespan of the juicer.

Feed Tube Size

The size of the feed tube says the amount of fruit you can feed into the juicer at a time and this, in turn, determines the amount of juice you can get from a juicer with one go.

So if you are to use your juicer for large scale juicing, it would be wise to get one with a large feed tube, but if you the population you intend to feed is not large, then an average feed tube service would be sufficient.


The beauty though not contributing to the overall performance of the juicer is a very significant factor to look out for because you do not want to end up with something in your home or house that repels you at every sight.

So consider the design, does it make you happy, do you feel happy seeing the juicer around, does it match your idea of a good design? Good, you can have it.


Ergonomics defines how the machine relates to the user. Does it have features that make working with it easily and effective?

Does it, for example, have rubber around the handle for the case of manual juicers so that you don’t get injuries or blisters?

How much energy do you need to exert to make your juice? In short, is your juicer friendly?


Anything that works with food needs very high levels of hygiene, and as such, they need to be easy to clean.

If for example, you use a dishwasher, you need to know if the juicer you are buying is safe to use with a dishwasher.

If it is not then, you will need to find one that does or be okay with one that cannot be used with a dishwasher. Even in that case, is it easy to clean? Do you have trouble with corners or hard to reach area?

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1. Champion Juicer G5-PG710- Black Commercial

This is an incredible product that boasts some wonderful features. It is bound to make a smooth juice with the health benefits of the fruit fully in place.

Power is something you might need for your juicer; well this one is powered by a full 1/3 horsepower heavy duty general electric motor.

That aside, it uses a homogenizer to make veggie loaves, Frozen Sorbets, Sherbets, Baby foods, Fruits, sauces and Nut butter.

The feed tube through which you put fruit for squeezing is large enough to allow a sufficient amount of fruit through, it is 1.75″ in diameter.

The motor achieves 1,725 revolutions per minute and has 540 watts. Also, it has a ten year limited warranty.

One year on the cutter blade and screens, five years on all juicing parts, and three years on its motor.

  • Powerful with 1/3 horsepower
  • Uses Homogenizer
  • Large feed tube
  • 1725 revolutions per minute
  • Ten-year warranty
  • May give lots of foam
  • Peeling paint
  • You cannot juice wheatgrass

2. Extra-Large Commercial Juice Press Juicer

You know your search for a nice juicer is over when you come across a product as wonderful as the Extra-large commercial juice presser juicer.

This juicer is made to be here almost forever and the ease of making juice, just marvelous.

The Alpine Cuisine Heavy Duty Extra-large commercial juice presser is a highly efficient piece of machinery.

A 3- pinion juice extractor, it is made to make sure there is maximum pressure applied but with minimal effort from the person. Wonderful isn’t it?

It also has a large opening at the base of it which offers ample and sufficient space for to put your container to collect your already made juice.

The base of the juicer is made to be side so that the whole structure is stable and doesn’t tip over when in use.

In this product, the perforated strainer cone and funnel cup are two separate pieces made of stainless.

Guess what this gives these pieces, a long lease of life since stainless steel guarantees a longer life and sturdiness not to mention durability.

This juicer is crazy easy to clean, and its durability is beyond measure. It is made from ultra-strong and durable cast iron and is coated with an enamel finish which works to resist citrus acids, pitting, and corrosion caused as a result of the acids from fruits like lemon and such.

The rubber handle exemplifies ergonomics and ease of use while the large 4.75-inch opening allows you to put a large amount of fruit for juicing at once.

  • 3 Pinion for maximum pressure at little effort.
  • Sturdy and stable base.
  • Durable and tough construction.
  • Separate strainer and funnel cup for easy cleaning.
  • Enamel finish which resists citrus acids, pitting, and corrosion.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • A pint glass can’t fit underneath.
  • Cannot extract juice from carrots

3. New commercial Slow Juicer Machine

This product combines the excellent performance of a good juicer and great design to come up with a very good product that not only perform its duties well but also looks great and offers a great juicing experience.

Nowadays we have an issue with having retail juices that have less and less natural nutrients.

Also, many juicers kill the nutrients in your juice that are susceptible to destruction by heat.

Thus this juicer is a good relief that juices your fruits cold so that all the nutrients are retained, and you get to enjoy a refreshing drink while at the same time benefiting from the health benefits presented.

The feed tube determines how much fruit you can juice at a time and this juicer has made serious this point.

The feed tube is large enough to have a sufficient amount of fruit juiced at one specific time.

This is turn means you save time to do other important things because now you are not forced to squeeze the juice out of your fruit more than once at a time. Just once is enough.

Don’t we all love things that look great that are appealing to the eye? Well, this is exactly what this product has exemplified.

You see it on the shelves, and you just fall in love with it. A nice red that gives the whole juicer a nice shiny red classy look that I bet you will love.

  • Cold Juicer to maintain nutrients
  • Wide feeds tube
  • Great design
  • Great performance
  • Cannot be used for large scale service.

4. Orange Hand press Commercial Pro Manual Juice

It is such a joy to find a product that does exactly what you would like it to do and on top of that, boasts some incredible extra features that not only make the working of the product easier but also gives you the best experience in using it. This juicer is that product.

The orange hand press juicer has a wide space at its base that allows you to put large containers that you may use for collecting your juice when it’s made.

Also, the base is made to be wide and sturdy do that the whole structure remains stable in place and doesn’t tip over and fall when being used.

Ergonomics or user kindness is something that seems to be a serious matter for this juicer.

The grip or the handle is rubber so that it is easy to use and doesn’t harm its user. The rubberized handle stop also provides for a quiet operation.

The perforated strainer cone and the funnel cup are two separate pieces made of stainless steel.

These two being separate makes it very easy to clean and maintain while the stainless steel construction gives them a longer life making them sturdy and tough to stay for a long time without falling apart.

The body of the juicer is made from ultra-strong and durable cast iron that ensures the juicer is tough and strong to weather the times and not fall under the pressure.

  • Wide space at the bottom to put large containers.
  • Sturdy and tough base.
  • Ergonomic design with rubber handles grip.
  • Rubberized handle stopper for quiet operation.
  • Separate strainer and funnel cup for easy cleaning.
  • These two are made of stainless steel for durability.
  • The body is made with ultra- strong material for longevity and longer life span.
  • Can only squeeze only a few fruits a time.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

5. Titan Citrus and Pomegranate Juicer

This juicer is a wonderful long lasting option that is made to be sturdy and strong while at the same time ergonomic and kind to you as you make your juice.

The juicer is made with a zinc alloyed construction that gives it the strength and longevity it needs to function effectively and efficiently for a very long time

So you will not need to worry about your juicer’s durability.The rubberized handle and stainless steel shaft offer extra leverage when squeezing the juice out of your fruits.

It makes sure that you exert the maximum amount of pressure with the least amount of effort.

The shaft is white powder coated with stainless steel construction that is very easy to clean and doesn’t present problems on top of being durable and sturdy.

It is also important to keep the parts of the juicer clean and hygienic, and in this light, it is important to know that the parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe and so you don’t have to worry about using a dishwasher for it.

  • Tough and strong, lasts long, weathers negative factors.
  • Ergonomic, rubberized handle and stainless steel shaft offers extra leverage when squeezing the juice.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • If the fruit is too small, it may present problems with squeezing.
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Final Verdict

With this comprehensive article at your disposal, you are now better able to make an informed decision on the kind of juicer to buy. The likelihood of making a wise decision after reading this article is more than double now.

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