Black Decker JE2200B Juicer: Review And Advice

The BLACK DECKER JE2200B juicer is a high performing fruit and vegetable extractor. This is one of the most ideal and inexpensive juice extractors on the market. The product is highly ergonomic since it does not require special skills to use and maintain.

The JE2200B extractor is a Black Decker product. This is a well-known American power tools company. The firm is invested in an advanced invention. As far as the manufacturer’s products are concerned, they are among the best in tools engineering. It is evident from the performance of Black + Decker juicer that the company takes into consideration all their customers’ needs. This is regardless of the few design flaws you might notice.

Product Features:

  • Weighs 5.7 pounds
  • Centrifugal type
  • Stainless steel cutter and strainer
  • 400 watts of power
  • Large, integrated pulp container
  • Custom juice cup
  • 28-ounce pulp collector
  • Dual safety locking mechanism
  • Dishwasher safe parts

The Black Decker JE2200B juice extractor was created to handle the toughest produce, which is made possible by the 400-watt motor. The 400 watts of power are sufficient for juicing most fruits and vegetables, but the power is not enough for harder fruits. So, this is an ideal choice for softer fruits and vegetables.

Review of Black Decker JE2200B Juicer

The Black + Decker JE2200B is one of the best centrifugal juice extractors for home use. This is the ideal juicer for creating smoothies. This machine plays its part in both juicing and blending. It is the juicer to buy if you are planning to include raw vegetables and fruits in your diet. The design does not occupy much space. Therefore, it is the preferred choice for limited kitchen space. It produces enough power for most extraction activities.

Irrespective of the fact that other juicers are more versatile and powerful, the Black + Decker JE2200B is well-designed to extract juice without any operational problems and cleaning. You will unquestionably enjoy the benefits of this exceptional device if you stick with lumps of ingredients instead of the whole fruit or vegetable. This is a very important consideration that you must always remember to make.Unlike traditional juice extractors, the JE2200B allows you to manage your mash. This is made possible by the twenty-eight-ounce pulp collector. You get to suitably decide on how much mash your juice should have. Therefore, you can utilize the remnants when making additional juice. Basically, the integrated pulp collector allows you to constantly extract juice from either raw fruits or vegetables.

You do not need a separate open vessel with a handle and a spout for pouring because the juicer comes with a 300 mm pitcher. This calibrated jug will accommodate all the freshly extracted juice. You can decide on the amount of juice you want to produce by simply checking the calibration. In addition, the pitcher has an easy to pour fountain, which allows you to effortlessly transfer the extract into a drinking glass.

Motor power is a fundamental feature that determines the performance of any juicer. The JE2200B by Black + Decker is installed with a 400-watt motor, which produces enough power to handle tough chunks of fruits and vegetables. The motor has an ergonomic on/off switch that allows you easy control of the device. Along with the on/off switch, the juice extractor has a dual safety lock system that offers additional safety.

The juicer has a few parts to clean, including the strainer and stainless steel blades, which are dishwasher safe. The few parts make cleaning easier for you. It will take you a short time to clean up and less time to reassemble the whole machine. The parts come apart effortlessly, allowing you to access and toss them in your dishwasher.

  • An inexpensive but resourceful model
  • Best seller centrifugal juicer on Amazon
  • Very fast juicing process
  • Can extract juice from both fruits and vegetables
  • The parts are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance
  • The small feed chute forces you to do a lot of pre-cutting
  • Its operation is a bit noisy
  • Can only produce 1 to 2 cups of fresh juice at a time
  • Only appropriate for children


The Black + Decker JE2200B is a resourceful and inexpensive juicer. It is a preferred low-priced juicer that is extremely easy to use. It is obvious that the passageway for inserting ingredients into the machine is tiny, but this is not an issue if you just go ahead and cut the fruits or vegetables into small chunks. Well, it is the value you have to settle for if a cheaper juicer is all you are after.

You certainly need to do a bit of preparation if the JE2200B is to work for you. It is easy to operate the machine, which can be operated by kids. It is just the machine you need if you have audacious kids who like to repeat what you are doing in the kitchen, such as stuffing veggies or pieces of fruits into the machine. The juicer is generally safe even for kids, but you should not intentionally leave it in the hands of children.

You can involve your kids in the operation. All you have to do is cut the fruits and veggies into chunks and allow them to insert the ingredients into the juicer. This way, they get to appreciate the juice you produce for them, and they will always be happy whenever they see you switching on the Black + Decker JE2200B. You can prepare an amazing juice mixture of spinach leaves, half a pineapple, two small cucumbers, an orange, and two carrots.

There is no doubt that an expensive juicing machine is more sophisticated, but chances of its operation being challenging are high. That’s not what you get with the JE2200B juicer. It continuously provides you with nutritious fresh sap without pulp. In most cases, people end up not using their kitchen appliance. However, you will never be able to avoid using the wonderful juicer from Black + Decker.

This investment is worth every dollar. The purchase of the JE2200B will make you happy.

What to Watch Out For

It is without question that the BLACK DECKER JE2200B juicer is an inexpensive and resourceful juice extractor. However, this distinctively made machine has a small feeding mouth tube. Therefore, you cannot just grab an orange and force it through. You will have no choice but to slice your fruits or vegetables into pieces that can go through the feeding tube. You will definitely need additional prep time when operating this machine.

Regardless of its small feed tube, the juicer has a compact design that will surprise you. To begin with, it does not consume much of your counter space. You can always stow it away in your kitchen cabinet once you are done juicing. The compact and lightweight design makes it portable. As a result, you can backpack it for outdoor expeditions (one to two persons), such as camping and hiking.

It does a great job of extracting juice from hard ingredients, such as beet and carrot, but it will present some challenges with leafy greens. This is so, since you cannot do so much with greens. So, you may want to stick with softer greens. You should consider buying a slower juicer if you wish to do a lot of extraction from leafy greens.

Buying Advice

The juicer has a limited warranty of two years for defects from the initial design. The manufacturer does not cover damages caused by misuse or negligence. So, you may want to be careful with the juicer. The good news is that this particular product is made to last. Even though, you just have to be careful with the cutter and the latching mechanism.

The most recommended place to buy the Black + Decker JE2200B juice extractor is Amazon. It is the best seller insofar as Salad Shakers are concerned. The price is set low accompanied by free shipping. It is shipped as well as sold by Amazon. It also comes with a gift-wrap.


The BLACK DECKER JE2200B juicer suits your needs and budget. This would be a great product if you are juicing for the first time. Apart from being inexpensive, the juicer is remarkably easy to use. The motor and cutting disc should be strong enough to extract about 300 milliliters of fresh juice daily. However, the robustness of the juicer is limited because of its motor rating (400 watts).

You cannot force it to extra juice from harder fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to take note of the small feed mouth, which requires you to cut your fruits and vegetable into small chunks before you can feed them into the machine. With that said, this is a great product for the non-OC juicer considering the price.

Did you buy and use the Black Decker juicer? If so, we would appreciate if you shared your experience with us in the comments below, including challenges you might have encountered.

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