Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold Review

Welcome to our Breville BJE430SIL the juice fountain cold review. We will look at the features, how you will benefit from it, the Pros and Cons and finally whether the Breville BJE430SIL is a worthy purchase.

Juicing has gained popularity as one of the healthier lifestyle choices for people. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain essential phytonutrients that are essential for fighting disease and strengthening our immune system

This is the reason why the proper juice equipment is essential in order for us not to waste the precious nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The issue with most juicers in the market is that there is so little juice extracted, and the juice extracted usually spoils easily. Most juicers are also hard to clean.

Renowned juicer brand Breville attempts to address all these concerns with the Breville BJE430SIL.

One of the most trusted brands of kitchen tools and equipment, Breville brings us the Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold, with a technologically advanced design and innovative features, which is a hallmark of any Breville product.

This centrifugal juicer answers the need for the very low shelf life of juices, with a guaranteed very high juice quantity and quality and 72 hours of juice shelf life.

Let’s take a look at the features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of this juicer. In the end, let’s pass the verdict whether this is worth buying or not.

Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold Features

The Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold is a technologically advanced juicer with a patent pending Elevated Juicing System. What this means is that the juice flows up, and there is much more juice that is extracted from the machine compared to other brands. Aside from more juice, the extraction also has better quality.

This juicer runs on cold spin technology. What this means is that the juice is allowed to be filtered through an Italian-made micro-mesh system. This makes sure that the temperature transfer remains insignificant. This is important because the heat generated from juicing changes the quality of the juice and removes some of the vitamins and minerals in the process. With the cold spin technology, all the important enzymes an nutrients are preserved in the juice.

The Breville BJE430SIL has a simple three position switch that goes fast, slow, and off. It has speed ranges from the lowest at 6500 rpm to the highest at 13,000 rpm. The feed chute for the fruit is extra wide compared to other brands, and it is quieter than other juicers that are sure to wake up the entire house with their noise. The motor, which runs at 850 watts is able to quickly and efficiently process fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds.

The juice jug could contain 70 ounces, and the juice within can be sealed well and stored for a full 72 hours without spoilage. Another issue with a lot of juicers is their pulp storage capacity. That is not a problem anymore with Breville BJE430SIL. The pulp container has extra-large capacity at 3.6 quarts. The juice jug also comes with a froth separator. The juice nozzle is also detachable and there is a cleaning brush that comes with the product.

The Breville BJE430SIL has one year limited warranty. Its plastic parts are BPA-free and it comes in classic colors of silver and gray. Most Breville BJE430SIL parts are also dishwasher safe.

How Thw Breville BJE430SIL Will Benefit You

The Breville BJE430SIL is simple to operate. The simple three-switch technology is not daunting and very user-friendly, which makes it ideal for first time juicers. The speed range is wide and diverse, providing flexibility to work with all types of fruits and vegetables. In fact, the product is best used for all types of fruits and vegetables. It works equally well with both soft and hard produce, and it works particularly well with citrus fruits.

The extra wide feed chute of the juices guarantees that prep time is cut down significantly so efficiency is maximized. With its 70 ounces of extracted juice, more juice is created compared to other brands. Since it comes with a juice jug that allows you to directly seal and store in the refrigerator without transferring it to another container, it is very convenient for the homeowner to use, and it is kept fresh for up to three days. This also saves time because the homeowner doesn’t need to extract juice every day. The entire juicing process, including the clean-up, only takes a few minutes.

The Nutria Disc, which is an exclusive feature of all Breville juicers, along with its patented juicing system is able to extract more nutrients from the juices. The powerful motor is able to slice through even harder fruits. You can even leave the rind of a pineapple on, or drop an entire apple, and the motor can cut through it. It is also very easy to clean because the pulp collector is larger than most brands.

Pros and Cons

This juicer got top reviews from customers who use it. The most notable feature and its main advantage is that it is easy to use, clean and it makes good quality juice. Many users also appreciate its wide mouth, which means you don’t need to chop down the fruit into smaller pieces. Huge chunks of fruit and vegetables are perfectly fine. The best feature, however, is its 72 hour shelf life. Nothing compares to this feature in the market today. It also has a sleek design and a neatly hidden cord.

It leaves chunks of fruits and vegetables that are wasted, especially leafy greens. It is not very efficient for leafy vegetables such as collard green, kale and cabbage. There are some prospective buyers are put off by its more expensive price. Many opt for cheaper brands.


As we have seen in the reviews and in the discussion of its features and benefits, the advantages of owning a Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold far outweigh its disadvantages. After all, there are actually only very few disadvantages minimal that were laid out.

We are all well aware that when it comes to juicer brands, Breville is a cut above the rest. However, with its quality and innovation, comes a higher price, particularly for this product. Its features and benefits more than make up for the price. It is totally worth purchasing, because it is guaranteed to last long and give you hours and hours of cold-pressed juices.

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