Breville Bje820xl Review – Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer

There can never be a delightful moment, when your favorite juice, effortlessly quenches your thirst, and on top, the fun leaves you wanting more.

We all love our type of juices and juicing styles. It can only be one irresistible experience for most of us to go through, especially when we want to create that great juice mixing, just from an innovative juicer.

Surprisingly, when you thought your juice extractor is at the peak of your juicing, the Breville Bje820xl is bound to do you even more. This is one elegant design, with a Heavy grade die-cast metal body for durability.

It is a model created with your juice extraction in mind. Having had a chance to use this juicer, what stands out distinguishing is its advanced functionality.

This unmatched juicer comes with an interchangeable titanium cutting disc and its stainless-steel puree disk, for making juice from not only hard fruits but also from soft ingredients too.

If space is your concern, worry no more. Regardless of your kitchen design, it occupies a small, almost insignificant space. This leaves your surrounding all at your disposal. This is undeniably one juice meant exactly for you.

Breville Bje820xl Review: Product Features:

Adaptable Juicing

If you are into harder foods, its cutting disc is there for you and a puree disc for the most of your softer foods. To the last minute, it squeezes the maximum juice, without leaving out any wastage. This is also exemplified from the juice of your fruits, including vegetables for your favorite juice.


To top it up, its feed chute efficiently juices as it introduces ingredients on the side of its shredding disc. Through your feed chute, you can feed the juicer smoothly, with your tomatoes, apples, peeled oranges in a short time and your juicing goes on.

Easy To Use

You will be awed how easy it is to use, lock and clean it up. Additionally, you don’t have to strain, because the Breville Bje820xl pulp-ejector has a wider pulp collector, to clean best to the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Motoring Specification

Are you also that person who doesn’t like a noisy juicer? The Breville Bje820xl has an ultra-quite highly powered 1200-watt motor for the least vibration and sound minimal to none.

This implies you don’t have to worry how much noise is jerking out of your place, causing further disturbance to those around you.

Regulation Of Temperature And Speed

One aspect that is bound to thrill you is its ability to monitor overheating for an automatic shutdown. The most part boils down to its functionality; it’s is a 6500 RPM -1300RPM, plus the ability to control the motor speed, when and how best you want you to juice to be extracted.


You will never go wrong in your quest to clown your dietary upgrade, with this second to none juicer. Whether it is your soft vegetable.

watermelon or grapes to the hard fruits, expect greater juicing solutions. This makes it a reality for you to make your juice from a variety tastes.


In a single extraction, you can comfortably make a 1.2-liter juice for your serving. The handle is amazingly easy to grip and when it comes to pulp extraction.

Most of us don’t like when you are making your juice, it is spilling all over, this juice extractor solves this with its safety locking arm, that falls into place. We want appliances that are easy to clean; the Breville Bje820xl is one of them.

  • Elegant, creative and durable design
  • Suitable for hard and soft foods
  • Effortless to use
  • Conducive cleaning
  • Less noisy
  • Automated overload control
  • Convenient stability and versatility
  • Easy regulation of temperature
  • Can be time-consuming in thawing food for best processing, especially in urgency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can one blend frozen berries or vegetables?
A: It is not advisable that frozen foods be processed in the BJE820XL Juice Fountain, thaw them before they are processed

Q: Is this a blender for my smoothies?
A: No, this is not a blender, but you can do soft foods like bananas and avocados.

Q: Can I do like 30 loads of my apples?
A: Very conveniently.

Final Verdict

My firsthand experience of this juice extractor, confidently makes me recommend this juicer to anybody who is interested with excellent appliances. You need to use it appropriately, for the best long-term service.

I will advise anybody using the Breville Bje820xl juicer, to control the rotation speed appropriately, to achieve the best results of juice quality. This also will depend on the amount and type of hard foods you are using at the moment.

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