Nutritional Updates

Fruits & Vegetables to Fight Fatigue

Top 5 Fruits & Vegetables That Fight Insomnia

As effective as over-the-counter sleep aids!What Is InsomniaWe all experience insomnia from time to time. But persistent insomnia leads to sleep deprivation and a real threat to our health and well-being! More than one third of adults suffer from various forms of insomnia!Insomnia is the persistent difficulty to fall asleep, […]

Juice for Dry Skin

Juice for Dry Skin: Nutrients Do Wonders to Fight Dry Skin

Most of us experience dry skin at some point, especially those of us who live in cold and dry winter climates. You can heal it naturally without messy creams or prescription drugs with special fruits and vegetables! That’s right! Nutritional research has discovered that certain nutrients do wonders to fight […]

Plum Juice

Anti-Aging Plum Juice Recipe & Smoothie Too

A Little Back Story! Plums share the same genus – Prunus – as nectarines, peaches, apricots, almonds, and cherries. The earliest remains date as far back as the Neolithic age – 10,000 BCE – along with the remains of figs, grapes and olives, and maybe one of the first domesticated […]

Foods for Juicing

Surprising Facts about Fruits and Vegetables Nutrition

I’ve been making fresh juices and smoothies for years, but rarely take the time to step back and delve into the background of what I eat or drink! Recently I was very surprised to discover these unusual facts about many of the fruits and veggies we all commonly use. Hope […]

Juice Cleansing

2 More Reasons to Stop Supplements and Start Juicing!

‘Natural’ Supplementation Is Beginning to Look SaferWhat’s the ProblemThis isn’t about the pharmaceutical industry’s repeated argument that supplements are bad for us because they are not subject to the same testing and research as prescription drugs. Or that imported ones place all users at risk. Anything the drug companies say […]

Best Juice Fast Recipes

Juice Your Way to Healthy Lifestyle

Every health enthusiast knows how good juicing is for your health. Here’s why every individual must add juicing in their day-to-day life. It’s one of the easiest and simplest ways to stay healthy and lead a happy life. If you’re a health fanatic then you must add this little appliance […]