Health Effects of Juice Diet: Potential Dangers Attributed to Juice Diet

Everybody completely comprehends what fun is all about and juicing diet is one of the allegedly cool ways to have fun. Majority of world’s populace regard juice diets as faster fix for losing excess weight and ultimate means of getting rid of toxins out of the body thus enhancing health and effective functions of the body. The “detox” diets of liquefied lemonade-flavored or fruits and vegetables drinks have numerous health benefits however they are equally characterized by a considerable number of pitfalls. Health providers allege that juice diet may both physically and mentally wreck havoc hence it is expedient to consult with them before indulging into the juice diet. The following are some of the potential dangers attributed to juice diet.

  • Spikes the blood sugar-it has the potential of instigating the glucose-insulin instability which may prompt a shift between hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia is a condition in which the body’s glucose level is high as a result of the fruit sugar known as fructose while hypoglycemia is implicated to a drop in blood sugar.
  • May result into tooth decay-just as candy and soda fruit juices are equally detrimental since they have high sugars which are usually the main cause of decay. The fruits and vegetable juices exhibit quality of high acidity hence may risk your teeth to decay and erosion.
  • It denies chewing-chewing is fundamentally essential for the body’s functions as it enhances flow of blood in the teeth which is vital health wise. Regular Juicing will limit chewing hence reducing the rate of blood flow which in the long run may lead to tooth decay and other tooth defects. Since chewing facilitates stimulation of the digestive system juicing will inhibit it thus instigating digestive sluggishness.
  • Alters the ph balance of the stomach-holistic nutritionist opine that the substitution of the usual meals with juice holds the potential to alter the ph value of the intestines and stomach. It equally has the implications on the bile pattern. This is quit detrimental as it may prompt chronic diseases such as ulcers, IBS, leaky gut, gallstones and diverticulitis among other illness.
  • Prompts body stress and eating disorder-juicing may result into short term starvation in a case whereby it is used as a cleanse and not as a supplement. This may further instigate stress in the body resulting into elevated cortical putting your health at risk. Over reliance on juicing alone without other foods is both a physiological and emotional deprivation since you may feel hungry or fancy certain food but prohibit yourself to eat that food because it is a foreigner in the cleanse. This ignorance of the inherent and endemic cues of hunger, fullness and satiety prompts deregulation of appetitive system and form of disorder eating.
  • Degradation of enzymes– enzymes and phytonutrients in fruits are inhibited when exposed to humidity and oxygen. Therefore homemade juice should not be left to stay longer but to be consumed immediately to prevent that effect.
  • Little protein content-juice diet completely lacks or have very little amount of protein. This may spell doom for the body since proteins are highly essential in construction of healthy and strong immune system as well as the regeneration of the worn out cells, tissues and muscles. The adults are highly vulnerable to infections due to lowered protein content. The juice content lacks fiber as it is removed during juicing process the result of the minimal content of fiber in the diet will not be fatal but it has some negative implications such as feeling hungry despite taking the drink. Fibers in the diet prompt satisfaction and fullness to the brim.
  • Exorbitantly high and scientifically unfounded: There are no scientific facts justifying that juice diets are effective approach to improved health. Several of these fruits and vegetables are costly as for bottled juices range between $60 and $75 on a single day.
  • Low calories content-juice diet naturally lowers the calorie in a person’s life. diet type of cleanse and the number of bottles or glasses of juice a person take s dictates, but generally the amount daily calories consumption may range between eight hundred calories to one thousand two hundred calories. The low-calorie content implicated to a Master cleanse is most likely to instigate starvation mode, a case whereby the body preserves calories by slowing down metabolic process since its vague on when again it will be fed.
  • Associated to a nasty feeling-juicing diet is implicated to myriad side effects notably; moodiness, fatigue, headache, stomach pains and hunger pangs. It is also a concern for the people with sensitive digestive systems for example the irritable syndrome since cayenne paper which is applied in the master cleanse has the potential to irritate the colon. Other negative implications of juice diet include drowsiness, bad breath, white tongue and diarrhea. It may also prompt imbalance in blood sugar level hence may prove fatal to the diabetic people. The expectant and breast feeding mother as well as people with poor immune system or kidney, liver or heart disorders should desist from juice diet.

It is fundamentally essential to use juice diet as a supplement to a healthy diet since the body will have an advantage of extra nutrients. Apure clear juice is limited of fibers and starches which not only affects stomach but loses over 50% nutrients and build up on sugar. This is the very first move that would lead to nutritional deficiencies and overweight. Teeth are important part of our body since it plays critical role in facilitating mechanical digestion hence a clarion call for their protection at all cost. It is expedient to take at least 30 minutes after concluding juice intake to brush the teeth. This is critical as it reinstates the normal ph value of the mouth reducing any further damages. Straws are recommended to be used in drinking juice and other drinks that have high acidic content. This will enhance the safety of the enamel.

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